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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Olympic Fever

Ah, is there room for both of us? Ah, both of us apart?
Are we bound out of obligation? Is that all we've got?
I kiss the earth and then I get to thinking, I don't want to think I want to feel.
Oh how do I feel? And fucking how do I.

Is it weird if someone is up at 4am and watching live curling and enjoying it? I swear it’s a better sport than what others say. It’s actually compelling and dramatic because my heart was actually going crazy watching the double hits and the gentile placing of the rock.

And by the way, a big ‘fuck you’ goes to the egotistical Bryant Gumbel for giving his spiteful editorial at the end of Real Sports. He was saying how the Winter Olympics are pretty much just a waste of time and just television filler. He was also saying how the Winter Olympics are nothing more than a GOP convention.

Whatever, until you can ride the half pipe and do what those guys can do, you’re opinion will suck and is just nothing more than filler itself.

All weekend I watch the Olympics and enjoyed all of it. Watching the Canadians beat the hell out of the Italians on Saturday wasn’t even video game hockey, it was a dilemma. I mean what does a team do if they are that much better than their opposition? It was like watching me playing basketball against Jason Kidd. Every time an Italian would handle the puck a Canadian would whip on by and simply take away the puck as if there was no one there. The game was a constant Canada power play and every time an Italian would control the puck, the crowd would cheer.

The crowd cheered about a couple times in the game and the Italians were out shot 66-5 and lost 16-0. It was a fantastic train wreak.

Then the downhill skiing is completely fascinating. Watching a guy ski off a slight drop off at 80mph, losing balance and have one ski vertical and the other way off to the side, and him actually landing so he doesn’t wipe out is amazing. How can it not be? All the naysayer to dislike the Winter Olympics probably have not seen any ski jumping where a guy can be floating in the air looking at 10000 spectators watching his every move as his head is snug between his vertical skis in mid air. How can someone not get excited about that? How can someone not imagine being that skiier and all the thoughts that goes through his head as he’s floating 15feet in the air?

Then the snowboarding! Holy god damn crap these guys and their 1080’s (by the way Micheal Wilbon, a 1080 is where a guy spins 3 times and a 900 is 2.5 times. It’s not that hard to figure out!) Speedskating and how these people can cluster up and take those turns.

My point is, the Winter Olympics are awesome as all hell and Bryant Gumbel can bite me.

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Orbitron19 said...

You should have watched the Cananian hockey game on CBC--the announcers were so apologetic toward the Italians--they were almost ashamed of how good they were. If an Italian did a line change correctly they pointed out how well it was executed. It was kind of sad.