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Monday, February 13, 2006

ooooh I Got Memories, I Got Crap

How the mind does shout for rest
When the bodies shaken, yeah
Oh the tightness in my chest
Still your leaves I'm raking

Crap list

1. Cheney accidentally shoots hunter
There are numerous problems I see with a story like this. For one, all the conservatives point at their tv and say “Liberal media!” and wont even try to absorb the story. Two, I don’t hunt but I’m all for it and I know that most hunters are very careful about where they are pointing their gun, knowing where everyone is at all times, and make absolutely sure you know what you’re shooting at before you shoot.

With this story all that comes to mind but the overall question I have is what the fuck is a 78 year old man doing out in the woods with a gun? I know there are a lot of 80 year olds who are still functioning great and are as quick as anyone but come on.

I would be very cautious of a 78 year old driving let alone handling a gun.

Then how the hell does one turn, shoot, and end up “peppering” his buddy? Was he not looking at what he was shooting at? Does he not know how to hunt? Has he ever taken firearms safety? Does he even have common sense at hunting? Wasn’t there a similar scene in Wedding Crashers?

Imagine, locking in on a pheasant, following it with your shot gun, and then shooting only to end up pointing the gun directly at your partner and shooting right at his upper body. What does one say?

“WHOOPS!” haha

2. Those weird Charles Schwab commercials
Those commercials that have the weird animation where someone just drew over the actual video are awkward. I can understand cartoons because the creator is just creating the characters to his/her liking, but drawing over video is just too creepy.
Charles Schwab could learn something from Emerald nuts in how to be creative. I know I would buy them…if I ate nuts.

3. I’m not at the Olympics.
I watched about 24 hours of Olympic coverage all week. I even watched almost all of the Canada/Italy women’s hockey game on Saturday. With every winter Olympics that I watch I can’t help but to wish I were there, hanging out at the Olympic village and taking everything in. I would love to just step in and out of an arena and watch hockey all day and then check out some speed skating. Then I would hang out and hang out and watch the luge--even if I’d only see them for a split second.
I think that would be an awesome time to shoot the breeze with someone, at the luge track. You can talk about anything and the lugers would be tearing across and you wouldn’t even have to break the conversation at all.
Then the crashes, oh man, that would be a sight to see.

Boof: So I was washing dishes when I felt a tug at my back pocket
Frenchie: yeah?
Boof: yeah it was my friends--(whoosh!)

(an upside-down bobsled with four people rolling around track come wizzing by)
Boof:…friends mom. Yeah, what a whore!

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