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Thursday, February 09, 2006


We don't move in any 'ticular directions
And we don't make no collections
I want you to join together with the band

-My new show that I am addicted to is the Sopranos. I’m only about 6 years too late to enjoy it episode by episode but this first season is damn good. It opens the door for so many Italian jokes that I really need to use.

-speaking of nationalities, I remember hearing about a fairly new exhibit in the Minnesota Historical Society titled “If these walls could talk”. I guess they have make shift rooms of old houses with quotes from the people who lived within those particular walls.
It sounds very interesting to me because I get a total kick out of stuff like that. I love looking in old, old sheds, barns, and huts. Even existing foundations from shelters of 200+ years ago fascinate the hell out of me. Even sites where certain events happen make me sit back and think. For instance last Thursday,

Y opening a door to a lab and sees me standing in the middle of the lab and looking around wide eyed: What the hell are you doing in here?
Boof: Guys, just five hours ago the most powerful man in the world was standing right here.
Y dazed: So…
Y: no? NO! That’s just stupid.
Boof: You don’t give a damn that the leader of our country was standing right here?
Y: Ah no I don’t and you shouldn’t either after all, you didn’t even vote for the guy.
Boof: Well then… close the door so I can bask in the aura.

Anyway last weekend one of my good friends (who I’ve known for almost 20 years) tells me that his family is one of the families featured in “If these walls could talk”. It was lucky that he even told me because I had no idea and he never mentioned anything of the like.
I can imagine the quotes from my family,

Dad: Yeah here is the floor where my boys were hurting in pain after punching each other in the balls in the summer of ‘86. That learned them good or so I thought.

Mom: Here is the living room where my kid decided to stick his hand up the vacuum cleaner while it was running. No, I didn’t give birth to mentally retarded kids either or so I thought.

Tim: Back in ‘84 my brother got in this garbage can thinking he was Oscar the grouch and then I dropped this big ass rock on his head. He cried really hard.

Tom: This was where we decided to smash up all our Dad’s antique model car collection he had. He came home, yelled, and cried and that was the only time I saw such a scene. He was sure mad.

-For all you Debra Messing fans, I was watching the movie “A Wedding Date” (not worth any amount of money) and I swear I saw a nipple. I backed up the movie and I still think it was a nipple, which is cool but it‘s nothing worth using a right hand over.

-Although I don’t agree with everything they say, the KQRS morning show is without a doubt the best radio show…ever. Everyday I listen and it’s the only show that makes me pound the table with laughter.

-Is it even worth looking at how a retirement fund is doing if you wont see any money in, litereally, 40 years?

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