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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Real Superbowl Deal

Man with a badge came knocking next morning
Here was I surrounded by a thousand fingers suddenly
Pointed right at me

Okay lets get a couple things straight. Superbowl XL may have had questionable calls but it was nowhere near the worst officiated game ever. Oh everyone is up in arms about how the officials jobbed the Seahawks and how they should’ve won. Again I admit, the Seahawks were the victims of a couple calls but neither really changed the game at all.

This should end all arguments.

Rothlesberger’s Touchdown
Although I wont call this an obvious call, I would say that it is a touchdown. When you see Rothlesberger diving toward the line, the ball does touch--that’s all it needs to do--the line and everything else is worthless. I’ve watched the replay about a dozen times and each time I do feel that it’s a touchdown. For people to say that it was SO OBVIOUS THAT IT WASN’T is just people who are blind or blindly root for the seahawks. I will gladly watch the replay and pull out a T-square and show everyone that it was a touchdown.

They even reviewed it (not that reviewing is fool proof) and still said it was a touchdown.

End result: good call

Pass interference in the end zone.
This is the call that everyone is clearly wrong about. Darrel Jackson had one hand on the dude’s chest, one hand on his shoulder, and pushed off. You can see the defender forced back a half step right when Jackson’s arms were extended.
Night and day
Cut and dry
Not ticky tack
Not questionable
But it was CLEARLY pass interference. Granted Jackson didn’t shove him into the ground but he did give himself a noticeable advantage with that push. I know Cris Carter got away with his share of doing that same stuff but that doesn’t make it right.
I mean it was COMPLETELY obvious. Completely.

Against any team and any player this should be called pass interference.

Now for the complaints I agree or will give the benefit of the doubt.

Hasselback’s block/tackle
Yeah that was bullshit. He actually made the tackle so there shouldn’t have been any penalties.

Probably right. I can’t remember the play but I’m sure the officials got it wrong. Pretty much every game there is a holding call or no call wrong in every NFL game.

Pittsburgh offsides
No one has talked about this yet but I do believe that some dude on the Steelers could be offsides on a couple plays.

There was no conspiracy. I have seen MUCH worse officiating games than this. A Viking/packer game from a couple years ago comes to mind when the NFL actually admitted having 7 blown calls.

Seattle just lost the game. Their receivers dropped too many balls, the kicker missed two field goals, and Seattle’s secondary should’ve had more interceptions.

There was no fucking conspiracy.

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