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Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Crap

I might get to the end of my life
Find out everyone was lying
Look like you are not afraid anymore
I say that I would rather die trying

Crap List

1. That Superbowl
In a word, meh. I’ve seen worse but that Superbowl was very uneventful. Even in the bad ones you can always say,
“Remember when…” because there would be one interesting moment. Not in Superbowl 40, that was just… ugh. I guess that reverse option was pretty cool but Seattle should’ve known better. Even the Rolling Stones were okay and even disgusting with Jagger thrusting his old ass pelvis around.
I don’t know, there’s not much to say about this game. Almost every playoff game was better than this.

2. Grey’s Anatomy
I’m not one to get caught up in the soap opera type shows because I never have the opportunity to watch them. I did have the chance to watch the “Code Black” episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Spoilers below********************
There’s a bomb in a dude’s body, a pregnant hospital worker ready to give birth, and… that’s it. Nothing happens and the show never goes anywhere. They took the plot of this show, the show that supposed to keep the residual audience from the Superbowl, and basically shove the conclusion to next week. As far as I’m concerned they just wasted an hour of my life by milking this episode.

I’m done with this show. Fuck them.

3. Pepsi commercials
I knew it! I totally fuckin knew it! Pepsi thought just the presence of Diddy would make their commercial worth any time and money they spent.

A word to Pepsico,

Let me write and direct your next commercial. I’ll work for free and I’ll come out with something so much better than the shit you have come out with the last twenty god damn years. Basically Coke doesn’t have to spend money on Superbowl commercials because you fall on your ass attempting to try something catchy. No Diddy, no Britney or Shakira can save your terrible writing and directing.

In a Superbowl where there were a ton of good commercials (I believe this was a good year) Pepsi really sucked ass.

1 comment:

bigtime said...

Crap? The game wasn't that bad, except it would have been nice to see how it would have turned out without the ususal F..... Upped referee's!
It's resonably sure that Pitt would have scored on the next play, but the goal line TD was down before it got in, reveiwed or not. Seattle also got robbed on another TD during the game. Pittsburg won the game, but they sucked the whole time they did it! Commercials were not that good, but the hype kept you in front of the TV waiting for something good to happen. Grey's have to watch it every week in order to understand what's happening. It was better than the superbowl, at least it got your attention.