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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Could you ever steal a prayer to deny your god
Could you ever buy your love and not count the cost
Could you ever take a life when all was lost
And would it ever be enough

I haven’t rated any babes in awhile so I’m going to do so now. Here is my preface that I gave sometime…in the past.

Jessica Alba
I’ll be honest, I don’t see what all the commotion is all about. She’s attractive but she doesn’t cause me to drop a pan full of boiling water on me if I caught her naked (actually, let me think about that). She doesn’t seem to have any flaws and I would like to check out that ass, but her “ass” movie contains Paul Walker who consistently wins the golden globe award for “Actor who doesn’t act worth a shit award”. Alba did look good in Sin City but she’s not worth driving twenty miles to oogle though.

End result: cute

Jamie-Lynn DiScala
She plays Meadow in the Sopranos and I am a sucker for Italian women. I love the dark hair, I love the dark eyes but her voice is a little annoying. Basically if she happened to be naked and I was holding a pot of boiling water, I’d hope to god I’m wearing heat protective clothing. She’s pretty good.

Cute, Hot, Pretty

Edie Falco
She plays Meadow’s Mother in the Sopranos and I have to admit again, I’m a sucker for Italian women. She’s about a 40ish year and she’s got that strong, nagging New York accent, but she can really do herself up. Even the last couple weeks she’s been without makeup but she still looks very good. The natural beauty goes a long way, plus she can cook or act like she can cook. Plus, for her age she looks damn good.

Beautiful, cute, pretty

Jaime Pressley
She really doesn’t do anything for me. Blond hair, blue eyes and a weird ass crooked smile does nothing but give me a frown. The accent is a little suspect as well. She is the reason why brunettes are so much hotter than blondes.


Taco Bell woman (I don't have a picture but just watch a lot of tv and you'll find her)
She’s the woman in the Ceasar salad wrap commercials that are constantly being played. She’s also the one that keeps saying,
“You need to look under it’s little toga” and she gives that crazy eyebrow thing.

The eyebrow thing alone makes her a 10.

First there was the “Opa!” woman in the Subway commercials, then there was the woman, now it’s clearly the Taco Bell toga woman.

Oh lord she’s so sexy when she says,
“you’re chariot’s on fire.” and that giggling she does makes my belly tingle. Oh god she’s got the whole package.

Hot, beautiful, pretty, cute



biggpappa said...

Boof I hate to break it to you, but Jamie Lynn DiScala is now married and is now Jamie Lynn Sigler. This is truly a sad, sad thing.

VP Sean said...

Actually, they are getting divorced and she is now back to using the surname DiScala.

Boof said...

Actually, now she's married again. I took a shot in the dark, picked the right car, and proposed.

To my surprise she said yes and now her name will be Jamie Lynn Berg

VP Sean said...

Also, I found a chick in a commercial to beat all yours. Have you seen the new Head & Shoulders commercials advertising their new like, scents, or mixtures or whatever? Makes the "Opah!" girl look like Hillary Clinton.

Bigtime said...

Jessica Alba a 5? You need a tranfusion..................