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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back On the Heroin

And every heavy night takes out the little life that's left within her.
Every man she gives her love, he takes it, and leaves her with a dinner.
Our love was once a flame, now I'm just a forgotten name,
Am I the only one to blame for having, loving her?

Remember how pissed I was that the Library didn’t have season 3 of the Sopranos last week? And that I could make due with the rest of the shows being on “on demand”? Well, I came home one night, turned off all the lights, placed all my remotes on the coffee table, and started to settle to the start of season 3 when I clicked the HBO box on the screen.

Sopranos Episode 40
“ “ 41
“ “ 42

“ok, first season had 14 episodes. Second season had 13 more, which would put me on….AWWW CRAP!” It always happens that way. Just when you have everything all set and ready for some quality tv watching there’s always a remote up the ass, or a pillow missing, or something in the way of the tv, or in this case, the lack of the right episode.

So I was now going through Soprano withdrawel. In order to cope, I tried to talk stereotypical Italian where I would end everything in a vowel.
“Hel-lio, Howwarea youa doineo? Which seems to get annoying by how everyone would discard the greeting for the point of the call.

There were so many questions left unanswered.
“What are the feds gonna do with Tony?”
“Is Junior finally gonna put a successful hit on ___?”
“What kind of hot Italian betties are going to be in season 3?”
All those questions were left unanswered while I tried to figure out a way to see these episodes.

At the library…
Boof: So when do you plan on having season 3 back in?
Librarian: Well there’s about nine people waiting for it.
Boof: WHAT?!? I guess I’ll have to rent “Be Cool” instead (bad substitute).

At Blockbuster...
Boof: So I haven’t actually been here since I’ve discovered libraries. Do you have season 3?
Dude: yeah but you have to rent each disk from that season separately.
Boof: WHAT?! I’ll be seeing you in hell.

Then there was Netflix, which I have been thinking of doing but I still want to bank on the sweet (and free) movies the library has.

I could’ve just skipped to the 4th season, but that would be like walking in on Pulp Fiction…

Boof (walking in on pulp fiction after 30 minutes): So ah………what the fuck is going on?

After a couple days of flippin the bird to my counter filled of Blockbuster ads, I went to the community center to sculpt my guns. The community center is in the same building as the library because evidently the popularity of the internet is causing people to disregard any literature that’s not hooked up to a mouse.

After my workout (oh it burned deep, it was a deep burn aaaaarrrgh), I walked over toward the video section to see if the stars collided and if the Librarians were capable of holding a reservation. I figured that the librarians are all so smart because have you ever seen a dumbass as a librarian? I flipped through the “S” section,
More simpsons
Something to talk about

“Wait, Sopranos!?” and sure enough it was season 3. Holy crap, I have now received my video heroin and I can watch another 16 hours of mafia gangsters. I had the brief Eagle Scout thought of telling the librarian about the people waiting…but screw that. My conscience is a big Sopranos fan too so screw those nine people. I would expect the same from them too.

I checked out season 3 and ran out of there like I stole “Walk the line” (247 people waiting to check that out).

Moral of the story: Never rent “Be Cool”

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