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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bits For the Weekend

And the days go by....
like a strand in the wind
In the web that is my own...
I begin again

-I love the quote by Eric Karros after the US lost to Mexico the other night,
“It seems as if the rest of the world is catching up to the US in baseball.”


Catching up? Are you kidding me? I would easily say that the Dominican Republic and Cuban baseball teams are very comparable to the US talent out there. I would even go as far as to say that Asian ball is better than the US based on style of play (pitchers can pitch forever, great fundamentals, and speed).

In this WBC the US was lucky they got as far as they did. They never blew anyone away other than the star struck South African team. I would easily say that Korea, Dominican, Cuba, and maybe Venezuela are countries that would’ve beat the US team.

Anyone who thought the US was going to dominate this tournament from the beginning really doesn’t know baseball at all.

-With that said we got some AWESOME games on Saturday with Cuba Vs. Dominican Republic and Japan Vs. Korea

Cuba Vs. Dominicans: I’m almost certain that David Ortiz will find a fastball in the head in the 1st inning after he showed up the Cuban team earlier this week. Cuba is a damn good team and I would not be surprised if the Cuban pitching held the Dominicans.

Japan Vs. Korea: I never thought anyone could hate Ichiro but the Koreans indeed hate the guy. When he steps up to the plate all the Korean fans (and there are more than you would think) boo the crap out of him. This is a very heated up rivalry and two teams that have excellent pitching.

Honestly, I’m glad the US isn’t in it anymore.

-Holy crap I thought my brackets were going down the toilet when I found out Gonzaga was down by 8 in the 2nd half. In the end though, Morrison held his own and willed Gonzaga for the win. Of course Syracuse losing did quite a number.

-You know if they had me sniffing for bombs in the arenas around the country I would also probably stop at a hot dog stand, find “something”, and tell everyone to evacuate. That way while everyone is outside I can pretty much have my own hot dog buffet and screw around with that bomb robot at the same time. Then when I’m full I can send out the “all clear”.
That would be phat!

-At what point does a congressman or woman say, “How does a guy (looking at an old picture of Bonds) go from this, to this (holds up a picture of bonds all roided out). Then at what point do they say,
“Let’s examine this a little further.”


You cannot tell me that “hitting the weights” alone does that kind of crap.

-How come “Starbury” is not considered the giant loser that he is? I’m willing to bet that his overall record on the court is about as bad as anyone. Nobody should want this guy on their team.

-I really can’t wait until the 27th. At that point all this Olympics, WBC, March Madness stuff ends and I can actually stop wallowing in my own fecal matter.


Eric Wormann said...

-I agree with you, except that Asian ball has "good fundamentals." They have good players, but they seem to be flukes when it comes to fundamentals.

-Gonzaga will take it all. I hate Syracuse.

-When did the Olympics end?

-In my statistics class two years ago I wrote a paper statistically proving that Barry Bonds used steroids between the '96 and '97 seasons. It was glorious.

Anonymous said...

you owe me some crave case goodness.


Barry Metropolis said...

That Eric Karros quote always reminds me of my favorite quote about Eric Karros (quoting myself), "Eric Karros sucks."