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Monday, March 27, 2006


I swear I can see you
Coming up the drive
There ain't nothing like regret
To remind you you're alive

Crap List

1. The end of any college basketball game
So here’s how the end of a typical college basketball game goes.

5:00 (minutes left) inbound pass and play until a foul
4:48 one free throw attempt (substitutions), and the 2nd free throw attempt
Time out (commercials)
Then the inbound pass and team passes the ball until a three pointer is made
4:15 opposing team calls a timeout
Inbound pass. Guard runs over defender for a foul. TV timeout


And the last minute is even worse because it’s as if both teams have ten timeouts and 5 fouls to use. A team could be down by twenty, still foul, and try to make something happen by throwing half court three’s. It’s like 18.3 seconds-foul now there’s 17.3 seconds. Free throws--foul. Now there’s 16 seconds and finally an hour later the game is over.

Still, it’s so fucking awesome that George Mason made the final four.

2. Metrodome
In this instance I’m just thoroughly pissed that the U of M continues to use the Metrodome as the site for regional finals and 1st and 2nd round games. I know why they use it (more seats than any other arena), but the quality of the venue and seating is complete crap. Not to mention that it’s completely crystal clear that money is more important than the venue itself (not that it’s any surprise). It’s to the point where I wouldn’t be surprised if the next final four is held at some NASCAR track where they could jam in 200,000 people at $100 a pop because they would if they could somehow do it.

How bout next time you host the thing in the Target Center or--better yet--Xcel Arena because at least people would feel screwed buying upper deck tickets.

3. The Sopranos without Tony Soprano
It’s like Van Halen without Eddie Van Halen or American Idol without a half dozen crappy cookie cutter singers. It’s just really mediocre without Tony! I really don’t give a damn about the bratty kid or Silvio’s asthma. Hell, even when they show Tony half retarded is still three times better than Vito’s weird homosexual urges.

After 30 minutes of last nights episode I was really starting to lose a little faith in that show, but thankfully the last twenty minutes were cool enough to keep me watching.
I even had goose bumps!

4. Gopher Hockey
What the hell happened?!? You guys lose to Holy Cross of all schools! Good lord, way to waste a pretty good season!

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