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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dominicana Vs. Venezuela

And it all comes down to you
Well, you know that it does
Well, lightning strikes,
maybe once, maybe twice
Ah, and it lights up the night

Imagine that I’m in your face right now jumping and waving for attention. Just imagine it because if I could, I would.

Tonight Venezuela plays the Dominican Republic in an elimination game of the World Baseball Classic on ESPN2.

DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO WATCH THIS GAME!!! Steal whatever you need to steal, injure whoever you need to injure, and puke over whoever has the remote because it will be justified for this game.

Those teams playing each other alone would be worth all the attention but an elimination game? HOLY DING DONG CRAPPIES!!!!!!

The Dominicans will pull all the stops with their lineup of Tejada, Soriano, Ortiz, Pujols, Alou, Beltre, and Encarnacion. The only team that can compete with that lineup is the Venezuelans with Santana, Zambrano, Silva, Garcia, and Krod.

Oh lord. Throw in Francisco Lirano from the Dominicana (the Twins prospect) and this will be one fucking hell of a game!

Seriously, there could be riots because this means everything to these countries right now.

It’s gonna be crazy good!

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