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Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Missed The Bus

Hey! Think the time is right for a Palace Revolution
But where I live the game to play is Compromise Solution!
Well then what can a poor boy do except to sing for a
Rock'N'Roll Band 'cause in sleepy London Town
There's just no place for Street Fighting Man!!

-Monday night I had my second local environmental meeting, so I was getting a little pumped for it. The meeting started at 7pm and 6pm I was feeling a little tired, so I set the microwave timer for twenty minutes and closed my eyes on my couch. And what a nap it was. I finally woke up viewing the clock at “7:01” to which I slightly opened my eyes, closed them and relaxed for a second, and finally burst off of the couch like a guy who missed his meeting. Luckily the meeting place is less than a block away and I was only ten minutes late but damn.

It was the 2nd time I’ve ever overslept a particular event. Usually I have my alarm or my mental clock magically has me wake up at the designated time but not this time. The first time was back in 6th grade when I was laying on my couch waiting for 7:20am to hit so I could start walking to the bus stop. I woke up and Duck Tales was on and totally missed the bus.

To me it’s a terrible feeling.

That night after the meeting I was paranoid about setting my alarm because I had a doctors appointment the next day. I didn’t want to oversleep that and for some reason my mind didn’t want me to sleep.

-Speaking of which I didn’t oversleep the appointment. In fact it was the quickest appointment ever.

8:45am: I show up for my 9:05am appointment. I paid the co-pay and reviewed my info.
8:46am: I sat down waiting for the nurse to take me to the exam room. I opened my book and didn’t even read a sentence before the door opened and the nurse called my name

“That was amazingly fast I said”
8:46: I arrived in the exam room, took off my coat, and sat on the exam booth ready to read my book.
8:47: I read about three sentences before the door opened. The doctor shakes my hand, looks at my face and head, and proceeds to mumble stuff to his prescription. I hadn’t even put my book away.
8:49: I was given the prescription and sent to make another appointment
8:53: I was walking out the door and ready to go back home.

And that was that. For the record, I wasn’t there ten minutes. I didn’t even finish my juice that I bought before entering the building.

-Apparently Zygi Wilf is thinking about tinkering with the Vikings jerseys. Zygi, watch what you do because if you fuck with those horns on the helmet, hell’s fury will be unleashed on you. Do what you want with number shadowing and the thought of purple pants are kinda cool but don’t touch the horns. Also don’t turn the uni’s into spandex pajamas either. There are too many other teams that have unbelievably stupid jerseys that there shouldn’t be anything wrong with typical numbers and a stripe. Oh and DON’T make the alternate jersey’s black either. Black is not a Vikings color and every other damn team has a black jersey which is more of a reason not to have it.

-What is Real World nowadays? Is it just two gay dudes, 3 hotties, and 2 jocks in a super pimped out house filled with alcohol? I mean they used to make the people have jobs and give them community service type activities. Now it’s just people that show off and try to act crazy for a possible career.

-It was an interesting mix of people in San Diego on Monday night for the World Baseball Classic. A bunch of Cubans and a bunch of Japanese. Quite an interesting mix and for the record, Joe Morgan is a moron.

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