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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In Depth Curling

I'm sold by a lie
By this I am able in all of my travels
To make these memories quit
But tonight I clearly recall every little bit

So I walk up to one of my co workers who is a hardcore curler. J was sitting in his truck looking over a couple things with his radio turned onto some Grand Funk Railroad song.

“Hey what’s new Tom?”
“nothing much. I wanted to talk to you about curling”
J then perks up and turns off his radio and give me his undivided attention.
“I was wanting to get into curling a little bit and I was wondering if you give me the info on how to join your clan?”

So J gives me a bunch of info--more info that I’ve ever received from him--and tells me about all the emails he’ll send me and a bunch of stuff.

So Sunday I head over to the St. Paul Curling club (the largest curling club in the US…yeah pretty bad ass) and there’s a huge sign that says to check in at the front desk and ‘this is a private club….’. There was no one at the front desk and everyone was fixed on this big screen tv on the other end of the place. I looked at all the curling lanes and there were a couple games going on. It’s quite hypnotizing staring at a sheet of ice with benches and monitors hooked up on the other side of the glass.

As the people were playing they’d look over their shoulder at this big screen beyond the Plexiglas. It was almost as if their game wasn’t as important as the whatever was on tv. After waiting ten minutes for someone to tend to the desk I decided to take a look at what everyone was watching.

“ooooh C’MON!!! C’MON! oooooooooooh ahhhhhhh” was what everyone was doing while watching.

They were watching the last end of the Women world cup of curling (or something) with the US women facing off against Sweden. One could’ve brutally murdered the spice girls behind them and no one would dare to look. Before the hammer was thrown (last throw of the end) everyone was giving their detailed two cents to what should be done and how the stone should be thrown.

So the hammer was thrown and everyone starts out with,
“coooome on, cooooome, you got it” and everyone is doing this. I can also hear a crap load of people upstairs doing the same thing. You’d have thought that the Miracle on Ice was going on. As the stone slows down the people get louder,

And upstairs is beyond nuts. It was literally frightening listening to all those people banging and shouting. It was like 50 drunk and pissed off alcoholic dads right after they find out that they’re out of beer and just before they beat their wives.

And the rock stopped 4 inches short of taking the points and winning the match.

Then about 75 people pretty much filed out of the place disappointed and ready to back to their weekend to do whatever they do on the weekends.

It was pretty damn cool. The only problem is that it sounds like all the curling clubs in the metro area here are at full capacity. Apparently the Olympics boosted the popularity of the sport.

So that thows a wrench in the whole deal but I’ll find somewhere to play next fall.
I’m gonna get into this and I’m gonna rock!


Anonymous said...

my brother was there on Sunday excitedly watching the curling cup and trying to participate in some tournament (they call them bonnspiels - german, i think, for a whale's vagina)


Anonymous said...

That's really phat!