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Thursday, March 09, 2006

More Bits

I will come for you at night-time
I will raise you from your sleep
I will kiss you in four places
As I go running along your street

-So I called up my dad who just got back from Scottsdale, Arizona.

Boof: Did you know you were right down the street from a who’s who of the baseball world?

Dad: What do ya mean? I know Puckett was down the street.

Boof: Well the US baseball team is there, many former players and current players flew down there to see Kirby, and a quite a few teams train there for spring training.

Dad: oh…cool.

Cool? If that were me there. I’d never sleep at all.

- So I was watching the Dominican Republic/Venezuela game (if you missed it, you should probably bleach your eyes and go blind forever because it was just that awesome) and I checked up on the ole blog.

Last hour: 148 hits
Today: 653 hits

Usually I have about 50 total in one day but this day was absolutely insane! I did some quick checking and found out that the Star tribune actually put my link up on their front page. Not only that but I really got a kick out of being linked alongside the likes of nationally renown “bat-girl” and Twins geek (who came out of retirement to write some words about Puckett). Seth Speaks even said some kind words about my previous post. I nearly threw up because all of those bloggers (as nerdy as it may sound) were my true inspiration for doing this, here, piece of crap blog a couple years ago.
I really got a kick out of it!

-I looked in my basement for that pennant I talked about yesterday and I forgot about all the other autographs I had on it. Other than Puckett I had Paul Molitor, Tom Kelly, and Rick Aguilera. I also had other forgettable guys like Frankie Rodriguez and Ron Coomer but whatever. I should probably frame that.

-The new strongbad email is about as good as I’ve seen.

If you’ve missed the World Baseball Classic, tomorrow I’ll talk all about it.


Aliecat said...

How are you going to use your new found fame, courtesy of the Strib? Booze and coke binge? Seriously, congrats on the Strib link!

Boof said...

yeah whatever, SKIMMER!

How dare you say that you skim my entries of complete bliss!?!

we're done!

Aliecat said...

Noooo! Don't say that! I can't help it that I'm baseball-challenged!