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Thursday, March 02, 2006

quicko bitso

See this needle...a see my hand...
Drop, drop, dropping it down...oh, so gently...
Well here it comes...I touch the plane...
Turn me up...won't turn you away...

-Today was MILF day at the gym so all the fine MILFs brought in their kids to roam around the gym to let off some sugar. I then saw a kid who was no older than 3 roaming underneath the toddler basket hoop which sat about 4 feet above the court. Sure enough another kid threw a basketball and hit this toddler in the head with a basketball. I was expecting a slight pause with endless crying to come next but I was rather amazed by the reaction or lack of reaction for that matter.
This little boxer didn’t even react. He didn’t even look back! It was obvious he got hit in the head by the way his head absorbed the hit, but he didn’t even cry!

Now I’m going to focus all my attention on the colossal pussy who got hit in the head at Sunday’s T-wolves game. Yeah the same guy who took a day off of work on Monday because he was so humiliated. The guy who keeps telling his buddy to call in the radio stations to express how *he* is the victim.

At what point does one simply ‘grow a pair’?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad about the technical foul or how Garnett got kicked out of the game (I could care less about that). I’m pissed at the example he let on his 4 year old daughter. I’ve talked with a medic that I work with about the ins and outs of obligation and accountability in times like those and while the T-wolves made the guy leave in a wheelchair, the guy could’ve simply said no or, better yet, NOT MAKE A GOD DAMN SCENE!!!!!! Jesus, he sent his wife out to pick up his car from the lot because he was afraid of someone making fun of him.

Dude, this isn’t Chicago and you’re not Steve Bartman (which is different since I don’t blame Bartman as much as I blame the stupid Chicago fans), and this isn’t a playoff game featuring the Cubs in game 7. This is a meaningless T-wolves game which will be forgotten in--actually it’s already been forgotten except that you had to be such a unbelievable pussy and continued to go with it. The reason why you’re embarrassed is because now you don’t have a case to sue and if you were to start one A) you’d be clobbered B) be laughed at by everyone in the state and more importantly C) you daughter would never respect you.

Face the music.

-pfew, now that I got that off my chest it seems that Pearl Jam will be releasing a new album this year. Did you know that every member in PJ is over 40 years old? Matt Cameron is 44 himself!
I just find that really weird. It seems like just yesterday everyone had their copy of Ten and was wearing long johns with flannel everywhere.

-Barry Bonds dressed up as Paula Abdul is like walking in on your parents performing a Cleveland steamer.

-Reason 1187 why American Idol sucks.
Can you imagine if Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, or even John Lennon (that ignoramus) competed in such an event? Not that they would but they wouldn’t win. They probably wouldn’t even be in the top 20. In fact they probably would be in the gag real for not being part of the cookie cutter singers that they’re trying to find.

It continues to disturb me that almost everyone continues to watch this garbage and actually vote on these cookie cutter singers.

-Apparently Dancing with the stars, Grey’s anatomy, American Idol, and Desperate Housewives all clobbered the Olympics the last couple weeks.


Who gave all these women the remote? Seriously, all those programs are all chick magnets. Every woman in the world loves *LOVES* gray’s anatomy for… who knows whatever reason. Dancing with the Stars is just a show about dancing with people who WISH they were stars (except Stacy Kiebler who is hot as all hell). American Idol…suck, suck, boring and desperate Housewives is just old.

Shouldn’t these programs be on O or Lifetime or some other channel so these women can just join a club or something while us guys watch other guys shooting off mountains and flying up in the air doing loop-d-loops and shit?

-Season 3 of the Sopranos was worth all the whining. Every second of it!
Now THAT’S a show!

-Johan Santana is the starting pitcher for Venezuela when they play the Dominicans on March 7.
This game was already the one I circled for the World Baseball Classic, but with Santana starting…holy crap! This game has now been elevated to code red in that I will not only watch the game but I will probably make love to my television set after the game.

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bigtime said...

Everyone was watching something else because "Ice Dancing" was on the Olympics at that time. That's more femi than Grey's Anatomy.