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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Swimming in Bits

I'm with you my love
The light's shining through on you
Yes, I'm with you my love
It's the morning and just we two

-So I watched this report on the news about unclaimed property that the government has kept possession of. I looked on the website and found my mom’s name on the page.

Calling my mom….
Boof: hi Mom, I think you may have some unclaimed property that you’re not aware of.
Mom: I have everything I know of. I don’t know of any unclaimed property
Boof: Yes I know but you’re name is on here right up to the middle initial
Mom: Nope it can’t be me. It must be another [states her name]
Boof: How many [states her full name] are there really?
Mom: oh millions
Boof: no, there’s not. Not with that middle initial and not living in St. Paul.
Mom: Well I don’t know of any unclaimed property so it has to be someone else.
Boof: Well, that’s the point, there are thousands of people that are unaware of stuff being claimed by the government.
Mom: hmmm yeah I don’t know of any unclaimed property

Fast forward about five minutes
Mom: Hey you should really see that Larry the Cableguy movie. It’s really funny!
Boof: yeah I don’t go for that redneck humor crap
Mom: Oh it’s really funny. You should see it.

Basically talking to anyone else is a treat compared to some of these conversations with my mom.

-Speaking of movies I saw V for Vendetta on Sunday and I have to say that it’s a pretty decent movie. It’s got this Orwellian type of outlook and I thought it was well worth the money. Not the best movie I’ve seen but better than 90% of any movie that has hit the theatres in the last year.

-This has been the craziest NCAA tournament ever but I, somehow, managed to pick the final four. This is what I wrote down a couple weeks ago.
Then my final four will be:
LSU: I just have a good feeling about a team with someone nicknamed "big baby"
Florida: Hey, call me crazy but I think this is the gators year
UCLA: Obviously they have the tradition behind them and I mean, they're UCLA!
George Mason: Call me crazy, call me absolutely wild and crazy but I actually think this is the (patriots?) year. Quite the bold prediction for an 11 seed in the final four but I have feeling they'll make it...and they'll beat UNC, UConn, and Michigan St. in the process. Mark it down.

Ah.. Yup. George Mason making the final four, predicted it.

-I know it’s been the kicker on all the news programs but I just can’t stop laughing at this lil‘ bastard kid. He climbed into one of those crane vending machines with all the stuffed animals and was having the time of his life. When firemen finally opened the vending machine the kid didn’t want to leave. It’s a great story!

bwahahahah The kid looks so happy!

-I saw one of the best guitarists ever last Saturday night.
Eddie Van Halen? Nope
Jimmy Page? Nope
David Gilmour? That’s a couple weeks away

Nah it was Kaki King playing an acoustic guitar and she was amazing. She would loop certain rhythms with her guitar and keep overlapping everything so in a span of ten minutes she would go from a quiet strumming to a complicated orchestra of acoustic goodness.
Seriously, her songs were incredible.

-I also saw this Sharon Isbin who is this classical guitarist who played some crazy things and is said to be the “finest guitarist in the world”. Patty Larkin was the headliner who was unbelievably funny and talented. I certainly felt more cultured after that. Well, at least until I blew ass and giggled very loudly.

-More on NFL offseason bitching: oooOOOOh the NFL came out with the preseason schedule the other day. Amazingly enough it was front page news (at least on the website) for the local newspapers because “Moss will finally return to the dome”.

God damn people, who cares!? It’s preseason nothing football.

-I’m thinking about buying a bike (as opposed to my 15 year old bicycle in my parents garage) then I could tool around town on a bike and do some long bike rides or something. That would be phat!


you know who this is said...

Try talking to my mother. She can go from talking about the price of curtains at the Dollar Store to Medicare's new drug policy in 2 seconds. Like talking to a ping pong ball.

Anonymous said...

If she doesn't claim her stuff, you can! It's the law man!