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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Oh he deals em off,... off the top,... ties em off...
Fills it up,... with his past,... gets carried away...
Oh half his life,... a hand me down,... wasted away...
Oh he fills it up,... with the love,... of a girl.

This year when I created my brackets I tried so hard to toss out my Big Ten bias. Every year while filling out the brackets I always find myself having 3 Big Ten teams in the final four. I mean how can anyone pick Wisconsin to lose when they always defy the odds? Of course there was the one year where I actually picked the complete final four, so basically I’m awesome.

In the first round I expect upsets by
-NC State
-Seton Hall
-UW Milwaukee (again)

Then my upset special for the tournament is George Washington over Duke. In my eyes Duke sucks and will always suck. Plus, I think George Washington got completely screwed with their seeding. I also like Syracuse and Kansas to go far and go for that one shining moment.

I can’t wait for
George Washington to play Syracuse in the sweet 16
Memphis and Kansas in sweet 16
Uconn and Illinois in the sweet 16
Villanova and Boston College in the sweet 16

Then my final four will be:
LSU: I just have a good feeling about a team with someone nicknamed "big baby"
Florida: Hey, call me crazy but I think this is the gators year
UCLA: Obviously they have the tradition behind them and I mean, they're UCLA!
George Mason: Call me crazy, call me absolutely wild and crazy but I actually think this is the (patriots?) year. Quite the bold prediction for an 11 seed in the final four but I have feeling they'll make it...and they'll beat UNC, UConn, and Michigan St. in the process. Mark it down.

ummm but if not, I have Gonzaga and Villanova squaring off in the Championship with Gonzaga winning it all.

There, now you don’t have to watch any of it because I gave you everything that will happen


Anonymous said...

'Cuse in the Final Four? You cannot be seriously expecting that. McNamara cannot cary that team that far. They go down to Big Baby Davis' LSU Tigers.

Crave Case says you're wrong?


Boof said...

ya know, I always seem to pick Syracuse as well.

It will happen!