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Thursday, April 27, 2006

4/27 Bits

Well my time went so quickly,
I went lickety-splickly out to my old '55
As I drove away slowly, feeling so holy,
God knows, I was feeling alive

-I did the dumbest damn thing today at the gym. After my run (what a great day for one eh?) I went back in to put a couple things in my locker. After lifting some weights for ten minutes I noticed that I didn’t have my key to my locker. I looked all around for it and I couldn’t find it anywhere in the place.
I was worried but I wasn’t that worried because everyone at the community center is really nice and they don’t seem like the kind to nab a wallet but you never know.

After looking for the key for 15 minutes, I gave up and the guy at the desk was very helpful and opened my locker for me using the master lock. I figured my time at the gym was done and I got ready for my shower. Before the guy at the desk left, he told me to leave my locker open so he knows which locker needs another key. No biggie so I leave all my stuff in the keyless locker and move all my valueable stuff (walled, cash, ipod) into another locker so I can secure it.

Close the “valuables locker”, get the towel on and get ready for the shower, and close---ahhhh no!!--the locker. Sure enough I was locked out of my locker again and this time I was in my towel. I just stood there in my towel and slapped my forehead. So I had to wait until someone came into the locker room in which case I had to convince them to go back to the desk for some help. Luckily no one stole my stuff.

-Britney is having another kid…the dandelion is still producing.

-I have to admit, I’m actually following the NBA playoffs to a small extent. What I’m really watching for is to see if the NBA completely rigs the crap out of games featuring LeBron James. It seems fitting because I’m convinced they did the same to the Lakers the past seven years. I mean if LeBron isn’t in the Eastern Conference Finals…ooooh then it will be a ratings bonanza!!!!!

-The New Twins Stadium just got the nod from the Minnesota House and it was the first time I every extensively watched and followed the process of a bill going through the House. Those “I’m just a Bill” cartoons never helped me at all and I was watching the NCAA tournament with Hog during high school civics. In case you’re interested, don’t watch any of it. It’s actually disheartening because opponents of a bill will clench onto any damn thing that might destroy the bill.

I mean it got ridiculous.
Phil Krinkie (major, MAJOR opponent of any stadium) was wasting time by bringing up amendments that,
-gives the public television rights after a game (pointless because it’s all property of mlb)
-acts a reverse referendum (after it was turned down twice already)
-gives everyone a chance to watch the twins in nodak, sodak, iowa, wisco, and all of Minnesota (what the hell does this have to do with anything…ANYTHING???)

And then someone brought up an amendment that calls for the Twins to be titled “The Hennepin County Twins” and to my surprise, 27 representatives voted in favor of it.
I think it was more to give a point but it’s pretty childish and a waste of time. The bill will pass, get over it, life goes on and students will still have schools.

It was painful listening to some of these people. During one discussion about a particular amendment another representative asked to revote another, previous amendment. It was a “where the hell did that come from” type of call to the speaker.

Anyway it passed and now it’s gotta go through the Senate where we gotta do this all over again.

-There was a caller on the radio station the other day talking about how the Packers have the greatest fans and how the Packers play with such spirit as opposed to the Vikings and their fans. He also went on to say that the fans still supported the pack during the 80’s and that the fans make the team better. Also, the local papers in Green Bay supposedly never criticize the Packers when something amiss.


See, this is why I hate the Packers and their fans so much. They hand out this pixie dust to all the fans and they just become oblivious to everything right away. Fans have more spirit? What is this high school?

If Favre threw 60 interceptions the fans would still act as if he’s the new Jesus.

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