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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

BIT-MAN!! nuna nuna nuna nuna...

i wake up and wait up
when anger's in fashion
i wake up and wait up
it echoes through the mansions

-Cuddyer baby. Maybe now they’ll actually keep him in the lineup for more than 10 days. Eh?

How bout the blown saves though,

-Mariano Riviera----nice try
-Krod----Thanks for playing

Let’s get Eckersly to come out of retirement or how about John Wetteland. Let’s go against them all!

-I read one of the most interesting baseball articles at the Twins game last weekend. It was in MN GameDay (the independent game program-type thing) and in it they talk about the old teams in St. Paul and Minneapolis and how they eventually moved to become Major League teams with the advent of the American League. Here is an excerpt from MN Game day (to which they give this next excerpt from Baseball in Minnesota: The Definitive History by Stew Thornley)

Some sources indicate that the Minneapolis club moved to Baltimore for the 1901 season. Two years later this team moved to New York and eventually became known as the Yankees. If the Minneapolis team was transferred rather than disbanded, it means that New York Yankees…had its roots in Minneapolis

I honestly don’t know what to think. It’s like hearing about how your grandma dated Hitler.

Even so…*takes the back of a napkin* I’ll add 26 World Series titles, I’ll add in the loss to the Cleveland Spiders (because they had to be good enough during the dynasty to win the WS), with that, I‘ll add in all the other times they finished 2nd (12 more times), and I’ll also add in the Red Sox win in 2004 (because of the whole curse breaking thing)
That’s 39

MN GameDay also mentions how the St. Paul minor league team moved to Chicago to become the White Sox (this is like your GRANDPA dating Hitler). They have 3 WS wins in their history.

Of course throw in the Twins 2 championships.

Now Let’s figure the Lakers in basketball: I’ll add in the 5 championships from when they were in Minneapolis and I’ll also add the 9 more they won in Los Angeles.
That’s 14.

Throw in the Dallas Stars (hey they actually won a championship) back in ‘99

So… I figure that the Twin Cities are responsible for 59 championships in the four major sports.

Eh, I’m still not satisfied.

-Is anyone else bugged out by the fact that Subway is airing commercials from ten years ago? I’m talking about the
“I don’t want no burgers, or sit down with the clown today…” with the woman kicking the bucket of chicken.

It’s like whoever was in charge of the advertising for Subway was in a coma for ten years and he just woke up.

-I just saw North Country the other night and it kinda surprises me the accent they give Minnesotans in Hollywood. After the movie I watched the special features which had the actual people who the characters were based on and they talk the exact same. I have come to the conclusion that some Minnesotans are still from Norway.

-I should also introduce all three of you to Barry Metropolis’ blog “Hustling Metropolis”. He’s a fellow Twins fan who I chat with during games (he should probably be studying more than chatting…bwahhaha). He just wrote about Terry Ryan spoke at his class. Also EveryDaySuperGoddess’ blog “I want a Cookie” is good times too. EDSG is someone that I always run into during my daily blog viewing. Even for those national blogs she’d already leave a comment and I’d leave one saying “yeah, pretty much what she said.” and vice versa.


EverydaySuperGoddess said...

Hey, thanks for the props, yo.

Barry Metropolis said...

Why did I go to the game today? Why didn't I stay at school and do homework?

I'll tell you why: because I'm an idiot.

Maybe if Joe Vavra can't TEACH Torii anything, he could HIT FOR Torii?