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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Go to the Capital Today

At home drawing pictures of mountain tops with him on top
Lemon yellow sun
Arms raised in a V
And the dead lay in pools of maroon below

For about ten years I have been anti-government spending for a baseball stadium. I figured that a stadium would benefit a private organization, hike up the value of the team, ultimately give Pohlad more money, and not to mention that the guy has over two billion dollars. So why can’ t he pay for it?

That was until 2001 when the Twins were a judge’s decision away from dissolving altogether. When Selig asked the owners,
“Who wants to be contracted and paid $250M to do so?” Pohlad enthusiastically raised his hand alongside the Expos awful owner. So the Twins were done until the Metropolitan Sports Facilities sued the Twins and MLB for a breach of contract.
The resolution was that the Twins had to play out their last season of the lease to play in the dome.

So before that year played out, the collective bargaining agreement was agreed upon and with it contraction was to be put on hold until 2007. This side agreement gave a sigh of relief for Twins fans because it gave them time to build a stadium and solidify their home.

Fast forward to now and…nothing. My stance has changed from the “anti-government spending” to “we-better-get-this-done-now-so-summer-doesn’t-suck” standing. Seriously I believe MLB, if they are going to contract next year, will announce the teams they’ll contract in July. I am inclined to believe that if the Twins don’t get a stadium this time they’ll cease to exist altogether starting next year.

So…the idea of tax dollars going to a stadium will be tossed around in the House Tax Committee. It is being titled as a “debate” but the anti-stadium and pro-stadium opinions will be heard at different times.

In a unique move, Representative Phil Krinkie, chair of the House Tax Committee, has decided to hold two meetings to hear the Twins bill. The first meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 19 at 3 p.m. at the Capitol where testimony in favor of the bill will occur. The second meeting will take place on Thursday, April 20 at 6 p.m. at the Oak Grove Middle School auditorium in Bloomington where testimony in opposition to the bill will occur.

What irks me is that the pro-stadium hearing is during the day and at the Capital whereas the anti-stadium hearing will be at 6pm and conveniently located at a middle school where parking is always free. Pretty sleazy when both sides don’t get a fair chance at being heard. Especially when a representative gives the side he disagrees with the tougher meeting time and place.

Whatever, if you’re around town and you’re pro-stadium, go to the Capital and wear your Twins stuff. I’m sick of the dome and 3 cents for every $20 is next to nothing to fund a stadium. I understand that we shouldn’t be giving a billionaire this money but he’ll be happy to contract the team for $250M otherwise. After all, he did make his fortune foreclosing homes in the depression era.

Look, lets resolve this annoying issue once and for all. It’s not going to get any cheaper, Selig & Pohlad are dumbasses and would love to contract or move the team, and Pohlad is a old greedy pig. We all know that the Vikings will get a stadium at some point (probably next year), the gophers are almost guaranteed a stadium this year at this point, and Minnesota needs it’s sports.

For the love of god, lets get this done so we don’t have to hear about it anymore.


Eric Wormann said...

The government makes some money off of the stadium, too, so why not have them throw in a couple a bucks?

Boof said...

Exactly. There's 81 dates with a minimum crowd of 20,000 people. All with money to spend.

It's better with than without

Shane said...

Nice post, Boof. Of course, I agree with you and I'm glad to see your opinion has changed. And I absolutely agree with the sentiment that we should solve this so we don't have to think about it anymore! I think I am actually going insane ...