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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Neko Case is Awesome!

Maybe sparrow it's too late
Moonlight glanced off metal wings
In a thunderstorm above the clouds
The engine hums a sparrow's phrase

For some reason while I was watching TV, I made a weird observation about my apartment, I have a radio in just about every room. I also constantly have music on all day right up until I drop my ipod at night. I’ve even been known to wander around my apartment with my ipod on just to give some songs a “good listen”. I even make damn sure that the CD player is in my bathroom for showering (showering to music is quite pleasant). When I “roll a deuce” I’ll even have the cd player going--Sheryl Crow makes some good dumping music!

What I find even more crazy is a song when it hits you. I’m talking about that song that you yearn to hear even if it’s just the last 30 seconds or if it’s being played behind a woman with a ginormous gunt who is blowing ass all over the place, I’ll still do whatever I can to hear it.

Take me and my newly discovery of Neko Case’s music, I’ve been playing the song “star witness” about 60 times between now and 24 hours ago and I’m still not sick of it. I’ve had the song on repeat on itunes all day, I made a disc and had it on in my car, and I even had it on repeat when I took my shower and no doubt tonight I’ll be falling asleep to it on my ipod.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I remember doing the same for Patty Griffin’s “One Big Love”, Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell”, and Sarah McLachlan’s “Elsewhere” just to name a couple. I remember when “Elsewhere” was in my head and I had to go to work, I had the song in my head the entire day and when lunch came I ran to my car to get my fix.

Speaking of Neko Case, holy hell does she got a damn good voice! Basically you could have her sing in the gutter next to wherever they show American Idol and before you know it Fox executives are trying to stuff her in a trunk just to get her to disappear
--You go in! We can’t let the sheep know there are actual singer/songwriters out there!--

For some reason when my co-worker told me about Neko Case I thought it was some Lindsey Lohan type of no talent singer. It turned out to be some of the most unique and creative artists I’ve heard. As it turned out the first night I was enlightened to her music was the night she was actually in town, so I didn’t know if I would regret familiarizing myself with her music about a week too late.

I was and now I’m on strung out on Neko Case’s music. I don’t know anything about her (how old, where she grew up, lefty or righty politically, and what her deal is. These are things that I have to know about the artists I like.

For instance:
Roger Waters: pacifist, Dad lost in WWII, and grew up in Cambridge
Sarah McLachlan: grew up in Helifax, left, and spent half her life in prestigious music schools
Cowboy Junkies: Grew up in…Canada, asked their current lead singer to sing when they heard her in the shower, very much lefties.
Van Halen: don’t write about much except about pussy, excellent guitar work, questionable band members and lead singers, born in Denmark, probably too dumb to be for anything of substance.

So the search for information is on.


Anonymous said...


i told you about her, you didn't listen to me. you missed her show last wednesday - it was fantastic. her voice is damn sexy, and i heard playboy voted her the hottest indie musician or something. hipsters love neko, as do alt-country freaks, and anyone else who has a soul.

i think she was born virginian, raised in tacoma/seattle. Neko Case "Blacklisted" is an amazing album - listen to "Red Bells" or "Stinging Velvet" - lemme know if you need any of her cd's.


Boof said...

ugh... yeah had that concert been on a weekend I would've went for the hell of it (without even listening to her stuff). Now I'm on a rampage to get more of her stuff. I'm getting her live album next.

Does she have a lot of (or any) bootlegs?
Are you framiliar with The New Pornographers? Is that stuff any good?

R. Dubya Slade said...

Neko Case was born in Alexandria, Virginia. Her family moved around a lot during her childhood and she ended up spending the longest period of her adolescence in Tacoma, Washington. She left home at fifteen and I believe she has not had anything to do with her immediate family since.

She played in a number bands throughout the Pacific northwest before decided to move to Vancouver in 1994 to attend a fine arts school. She got involved in the music scene there, too, which is how she eventually got involved with AC Newman and his New Pornographers project. She began her solo career in Vancouver, but relocated to Chicago when her student visa expired sometime around '98-'99. She chose Chicago because it was - and may still be - home to a burgeoning alt-country scene thanks in part to it being the home of Bloodshot Records, as well as other prominent alt-country acts like Wilco, Kelly Hogan and the Waco Brothers.

She's definately worth investing your time and money in. I first heard Neko Case after she released "Furnace Room Lullaby" (as Neko Case & Her Boyfriends). I thought she had a spectacular voice, but I never got around to buying the album. However, around the same time I got interested in the New Pornographers and fell in love with their debut album. You should definitely pick up the New Pornographers records. They're all spectacular albums ("Twin Cinema" is my pick for album of the year for 2005). It was through them that I really learned to appreciate and fall in love with Neko Case's voice. I didn't actually get around to buying my first proper Neko Case album until "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood" was released and I'm glad I did. I intend to collect the rest of her albums as I see them - and money permits - throughout the year.

Boof said...

holy crap! Ask and you shall recieve.