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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pictures From The Journey

What I saw on this journey
I saw history go down
I cannot pretend
That the heartache falls away

“Who did you go to see--Tommy Kramer?”
Funniest thing my dad ever said. I had tears in my eyes when he honestly asked me that.

But no, I saw David Gilmour last Thursday in Chicago. It was my personal quest for pizza, beer, and classic rock and in a span of 36 hours, I lived it. No annoying phone calls concerning work orders, no more thinking--’man, I need a vacation’, and no more pressure from myself to travel to get some good beer.

No, this was my 36 hour vacation and unfortunately I didn’t get my camera out until the 24 hour mark on Friday afternoon. I would’ve taken pictures of the show but the bill clearly said “no cameras” so I didn’t bring one.

Anyway, So I had to choose a pizza place. There’s Uno’s, Gino’s East, Edwardos, Giordano’s and a whole bunch more in Chicago. I’ve been to all those places between my three previous jaunts out to Chicago. All are very good and in fact my friend who is Italian decent and his family all recommended Edwardo’s. Nice choice however, I have always had tender place in my heart for Giordano’s because I spent my 20th birthday at Giordano’s and I remember saying,
“I would probably trade my first born for one of these, here, pizzas.” And really, what do Italians know about pizza anyways. So Giordano’s it was and luckily they had one in Rockford which was on the way home so I could avoid the crazy Chicago traffic.

So I stop into the Rockford Giordano's when the nice waitress comes by,
Waitress: "Can I get you something to drink?"
Boof: Yes, I would like a coke and a large famous stuffed pizza
Waitress: other people coming. Right?
Boof: Nope just me here and I'm gonna put it all here in my belly.
Waitress looks at me wide eyed
Boof: Just kidding, I plan on taking nearly the whole thing back to St. Paul with me.
Waitress: Oh, Jesus Christ I thought you were serious.

So I ate and if there was anything more heavenly than that pizza, I need to taste it because that pizza was/is fantastic.

Behold, three styrofoam containers full of Giordano's pizza and I had to find a way to preserve the tasty cargo in 80 degree heat. I couldn't risk loosing my precious pizza so I had to find something.

Luckily there was a Kmart around so I could purchase some things to help preserve the pizza. Should I buy twenty bags of salt? Eat all the pizza right there in the Kmart parking lot? Or should I buy a cooler?

This is the Rockford KFC. I just thought it would be cool to include the Rockford KFC in here. I didn't eat there.

So I bought a cooler. I figured that it was time I got a cooler anyway since my parents don't like me stealing thiers. I think I bought a nice model. It comes with wheels, four cup holders, and a nice handle. $20 this bad boy cost me, so I was really enjoying my cooler.

And I think I figured out a way to save the precious cargo. Arrrr

So now I had a nice 4 hour ride home and that can get kinda boring, so I took random pictures of road construction signs....

...and watertowers with hearts on them.

This crazy picture was me trying to take a picture using the rear view mirror. I don't know what the point was but I was bored in Wisconsin. I do kinda dig this particular photo because it's like looking at three pictures at once. It's worth about 3000 words or something.

I met someone who was telling me how they were colorblind and when they first ventured into Wisconsin they were not used to these silly horizontal lights. So as he came up to the intersection he didn't know which end was red so he just went for it and got a ticket. Why the hell are they sideways anyways? I thought I figured out the reason why they were sideways in the past but I can't remember anymore.

Ahhh more of my precious cargo: the beer. I just missed the tour by twenty minutes but I got a case in a half of my favorite beer. This should last me through the year. I'm so damn happy!

Ahhh and this is my precious cargo before it went in my belly. This piece here would probably be used effectively for any lobbyist or anyone who want's significant political support. If I was a mayor and someone gave me a piece of this pizza I would say,
"Whatever you want, I'll do it for that piece right there." That way the only victim is the town that I mayor for. It's a win-win situation for all!

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EverydaySuperGoddess said...

My sweetie is from Chicago, for his birthday his sister, who still lives there, sent him two frozen authentic Chicago deep dish pizzas.

And because he is a most excellent boyfriend, he even shared.