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Thursday, April 13, 2006

So...How Was the Concert?

Strangers passing in the street
By chance two separate glances meet
And I am you and what I see is me



David Gilmour
Rosemont Theatre, Chicago

First set:
All of On An Island

Second set:
Shine on
Wot’s uh the deal
High Hopes
Time w/ Breathe
Coming Back to Life
Wish You Were Here
Comfortably Numb

-The Blue (from On An Island) was really cool live. All those crazy guitar parts are bitchin!
-Then I Close My Eyes which is a instrumental was stretched out into a nice impromptu jam. On the album it’s just a two minute ditty (a good one at that) but here he really “explored the space”.
-Where We Start was actually the highlight of the first set. The song seems to have a life of it’s own live. Gilmour’s voice was damn good during this one.

Then the intermission came and everyone flocked to the front to grab a heater.
Then the second set came and kicked all our asses.

-Shine on was done half acoustic and half full version. He started out with just the main notes from his guitar and it eventually picked up for everyone to take part.
-Wot’s Uh…The Deal was quite the unusual choice with it coming from A Saucer Full of Secrets, which is always ignored. This was one of the best songs of the night because it had the perfect tempo. I think there were a lot of people who never heard this song.
-Dominoes was the one song I hoped he would play. This is a Syd Barrett song which was done on one of his estranged solo attempts (after he went crazy). Great jazzy riff with very simple lyrics that grab you. It’s a great song to tap your feet too.
-Coming Back to Life could be my favorite Pink Floyd song--played live it’s even better. I love the solo from this song. It’s different every time I hear it.
-Time w/Breathe absolutely rocked as much as anything. It almost took everyone by surprize how he cranked this number up to 11.
-High Hopes was the typical number but the end was really touching. He played about 3 minutes hitting some quiet and heart wrenching notes. The best ending I’ve heard to this song.
-Echoes…was probably the best moment I have seen at a concert. It was moving to say the least. Some people wonder why I made the trek out to Chicago and all I have to do is give them a slice of Chicago style pizza…and have them listen to Echoes live. Honestly, this left the crowd stunned. Usually when there’s a quiet part to a song there is always some drunk idiot who does his, “WOOOOO” but all 4,100 people were dead silent as Echoes was fading away.
Wish You Were Here is one of those songs that I never really liked that much. It’s the title cut from my favorite album and, to me, it’s almost forgettable. WYWH live really grabs you and the song really takes a hold of you.
Comfortably Numb: nothing short of spectacular.

Althought the marquis said it was David Gilmour in concert it was basically Pink Floyd minus Nick Mason because everyone was there right up to the light show supervisor. Basically it was Pink Floyd in a 4100 seat theatre and god damn was it awesome (just ask me again how awesome it was!)

So the concert ends and there’s about 8 of us standing around the sidewalk waiting for a cab. None of us were with anyone and the common ground between us was pretty funny. We were all talking about the concert and we eventually said where we were from.
“Colombia…South America”
“St. Paul”
“St. Louis”

We all were from around the country who dropped everything to come to this 4100 seat theatre to see David Gilmour and now we all needed a cab. Most of them grabbed tickets off of eBay (for $200 a ticket) and arrived by plane earlier in the day. Others just took off of work and took a road trip to Chicago in the middle of the week.

The Colombian was telling me how a drug lord paid for Roger Daultry and David Gilmour to play for 4000 people in some soccer stadium. I wish I was a drug lord.

Either way, I really got a kick out of it.

Tomorrow I eat pizza, stop at a brewery tour (or two), and maybe catch a game somewhere. I hope I don’t come home until 4am.

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Barry Metropolis said...

I really, REALLY hate that guy who says, "WOOOOOO!" I think he's been at every concert I have. Glad to see he didn't follow you.