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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tony Bitista

So that's why I never come back here
That's why they spit out my name
Your ex's have clawed up the bible
Trying to keep me away

-After the first Twins loss (where they only had 5 hits) everyone starts jumping off the bandwagon and saying things like,
I knew this team couldn’t hit” and “It’s going to be a loooong season.”

Then they go and put up 13 runs off 16 hits and all those guys disappear.

Radke still *STILL* gave up 3 earned runs in the first inning. You’re killing me Brad!

-I get this email this week announcing the triumphed return of Twins geek (the main blog that started this) and he asked for interns (tangent: It’s funny how Monica Lewinski forever changed the word ‘intern’). Not that it’s any of that (god I hope not) but it sounds like he wants a ‘change of pace’ type writer and one that will add and give their two cents about special links.
So I applied and sent him some of my best entries--the entries that don’t seem like endless babbling from a drunken stupor (yeah those entries). For all I know I may be competing against Bat-Girl and or Garrison Keillor, but I figure it’d be a good gig even if I was just doing little things for Twinsgeek.

I can’t wait to tell my mom, “Hey mom, I’m an intern for Twinsgeek!”

(blink:blink) yeah that’s not going to happen.

Hey, then I may tell people that I’m a writer (I might have to wear glasses again to boost my writer’s cred).

-One of the best commercials ever is on ESPN. The Crocodile Hunter, Tim Irwin, is standing around BS’ing with an ESPN anchor while they wait for the elevator. Elevator opens with the Florida Gators mascot stepping out and the Croc hunter goes crazy,
“Woah! Look at that beauty! Oh she’s gorgeous!” and he tries to tackle the whole mascot.

I laugh and then cough up a storm.

-Where did I pick the Florida Gators this year? I think I picked them to lose in the 2nd round to Indiana or something like that.

-Seriously, do we need actual news about Anna Benson? Wouldn’t a website full of pictures due instead?

-Pearl Jam is coming to Minnesota and they’re co-headlining--not one show but-- two shows with Tom Petty. I’ve heard TP puts on a good show and it seems like a good artist to go along with PJ. Either way I was thinking they wouldn’t stop here.

-It worked yesterday when I asked for info about Neko Case but today I want a sammich and a bag of munchos.


Anonymous said...

The dog made you a sammich. It's out in the back yard.

Hog said...

I think it's Steve Irwin not Tim Irwin

Aliecat said...

I totally skimmed this, but that's because I'm whacked out on vicodin!

Boof said...

I suppose that's alright since you're ailing and all.

Hope you're doing better.