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Thursday, April 13, 2006

ultra quick bits

You with your silky words
And your eyes of green and blue
You with your steel beliefs
That don't match anything you do
It was so much easier before you became you

-Pfew, Twins now have a two game winning streak and I’m actually thinking of not hanging myself. Yay!
Justin Morneau has 4 homers in 8 games. I don’t think we’ve ever had anyone hit 4 home runs in 8 games since Harmon Killebrew--well, we probably have but it was probably Mike Pagrularulilsisdfijslo or whatever.

Now if only our pitching (of all things) could turn around.

-Today on the radio there was a show with the hosts carefully going through a mock NFL draft. It was like listening to two adults play Dungeons and Dragons on the air. I can’t imagine all the people working in the office listening to who the Dolphins will take in round 3 without running to the radio to change the station.
There are very few things more boring than NFL draft talk and discussion. I’m a fan of the NFL but it has the absolute worst off-season ever.

- I think I may be ready for Chicago,

Ear unplugged--check
Sickness gone--check
Reservations made--check
Ticket in my wallet--check (gee how much would that suck, forgetting the ticket. I could just imagine the thought dawning on me while in Black River Falls and me stopping at a gas station and destroying my car in frustration.)

All I need now is to make sure the pizza places are open later so I can eat some Chicago goodness. Mmmmm

-That’s all I got. I’m off to Chicago

1 comment:

Eric Wormann said...

I'm quickly beginning to hate, no, HATE the Twins.