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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Boof Era Begins...

Will we burn in heaven
like we do down here
will the change come
while we're waiting

Finally, the day has come. Ever since I started this, here, piece of crap you all have been calling me “Boof”. I have explained in the past where “Boof” came from and if you need a primer, then read this.

On Wednesday, after Kyle Lohse had his childish tirade it was announce that Lohse would be sent down to AAA and in return…Boof Bonser was getting a call to “the show”. That’s right, Boof Bonser, whom I stole the nickname from, is going to be the starting pitcher for Sunday’s game against the Brewers.

I will come right out and say that I really never gave two pieces of poop for the guy and just loved his name…at least at the beginning. During that time I used his name but I kept a bit of an eye on how he was doing in the minors because I was curious. As the months went on he came on the 40 man roster, made the leap to AAA, and here he is in the big show. I must say it is a little satisfying to keep track of a playing in A ball and watch them slowly make the step up to Major League status.

What really frustrates me is that my buddies and I couldn’t take our yearly trip to Milwaukee because things just didn‘t work out. What really, really frustrates me is that Mr. Boof Bonser is making his major league debut on the game that we usually attend when we go to Milwaukee. Seriously we’ve had as many as seven people go to Milwaukee and we’ve only missed one year since interleague play started and had a fun every damn time every year. For some reason no one was interested this year and I may spend an entire summer without traveling to any ballparks! I may go ballpark-less this summer! Unless anyone is interested (if so, email me).

Now the Twins starting rotation will have three rookies (Scott Baker, Franciso Liriano, Boof Bonser) with Radke being the oldest (and next to leave) at 33. It’s also interesting that every single member from the AJ Pierzynski trade is now on the pitching staff and AJ is now playing for the White Sox instead of the Giants who acquired him from the Twins in that trade.

Also, Liriano will make his first start of 2006 on Friday. Even though the Twins are probably out of any playoff hunt, there’s still some guys to keep tabs of.

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