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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Capital Bits

if you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues.
When your day is done and you wanna run.

-After taking a look at the potential place today, everything looked fine. The room was huge, the upstairs was really cool, and the basement is unfinished to which I could care less. When I first met the landlord she was really nice but she looked a little bit like Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 and so I thought that was weird. She also had a twin sister just like Linda Hamilton which kinda freaked me out.
The utilities weren’t that bad and I was especially stoked that I only had to eat up one month of rent (from where I’m at right now) and be done with it. Otherwise she already gets cable and internet and said I can use the place like it was my own so the dream of wearing tighty whities and yelling obscenities at golfers is now better since I can do all that on the deck! Sweet!
Also, if it comes down to it, I can probably lead the charge in destroying some machines if she is in fact, Sarah Connor. I mean I can beat the crap out of Tvs that barely work so I do have a little experience.

She was also bugging the hell out of me about the background check. She called me about 4 times verifying my info that I wrote cleanly for her. I mean I don’t have any kind of a background so I wouldn’t think that it would be terribly hard. Whatever, I have 8 weeks to move out.

-Also if I still had any lingering thoughts to “buying” they were shattered when I heard that Greenspan will be increasing interests rates again. So now it’s like 100% interest. I kinda sorta feel bad for the people that got ARM’s.

-I was watching one of the most intriguing shows last weekend. After flipping the channels at 1:30am last Sunday morning, I stumbled on this “play mania” show on the Game Show Network. It’s actually a live show hosted by the amazing Mel Peachey. They have a bunch of “hangman” type games where people from all over the country call in and win money. The reason this is such a good flick is that there’s all these stoners and completely drunk-ass people that call up and ask for X’s and something completely worthless. Peachy knows this and very subtly makes fun of them. Another reason I’m addicted to this show is that Mel is friggen hot as hell and has the best British accent I have ever heard.

-Last Monday I had the local fire department respond to one of the jobs I had going on at work. As it turns out one of my guys had an exhaust pointed right at a sprinkler head in a parking ramp and sure enough there was water spraying everywhere. So there was one sprinkler head going off.
By the time I got the message I could already hear the sirens in the distance and I met them at the spraying head.
When I arrived there was a ladder truck pulling in followed by another ladder truck. A few minutes later three red suburban pulled in. The scene was well under control seeing as just one head was going off and there was no danger anywhere.
Then two more ladder trucks drove by followed by a huge truck which contains refillable oxygen. From what it sounds, at least 2 departments were sent because instead of one flow alarm in the ramp, there was a flow alarm to every damn building on site (there are about 25 buildings here).

Then I got the page. The page explains what’s going on and it goes to everyone, every-one!

It wasn’t a terribly huge deal because things like that happen but it didn’t come without a bunch of pointing and laughing by the colleagues. My nickname this week has been “sprinky” and it’s probably something that wont go away anytime soon and rightfully so. I mean I would probably point and laugh if that happened too.

So that was quite the experience. At least I never drank a glass of water with a worm swimming around…haha

-Micheal Cuddyer is on fire. If he ever should be pulled from the lineup, I’ll hit Gardenhire in his stupid face!

-Def Leppard had some really stupid videos back in the 80’s. I just watched Hysteria: The Def Leppard story and that was kinda interesting. Following the movie they had a huge block of Def Leppard videos. Foolin was especially stupid.

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