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Friday, May 05, 2006

Inside The Dream: Bastard Geese

Don't try to look away when you're face to face
I see your eyes that animal emotion
You don't have to set your tender trap
It's in those eyes, it's gonna happen anyway

Here is the dream I had a couple nights ago.

So this is what I remember…

So I’m driving up this mountain in my car. I don’t know why I’m going up this mountain but I am. I have my windows down and enjoying the sun when I come across a family of Canadian geese on the side of the road just before the drop. Seeing these geese I react with,
“Oh. Shit!” and I immediately struggle to close my windows. I need to close my windows because I’m afraid the mother will try to fly in and beak me to death because I'm invading her family's space.

So… as I struggle I manage to shift gears and before I know it, I’m about to back off the side of the mountain. I then forget about the geese and my window and focus on the gear before I fly off the side of the mountain. I gained control over my car and then tried to refocus on closing my window again.

Still nothing but I can’t find the geese anymore and now my car is out of control as if I don’t have breaks anymore. So I focus back on my car and steady it.

It’s at this point where I figure that I’m dreaming because there’s no way I could lose control of my car…on the side of a mountain…and get all afraid of Canadian geese like this. So I drive to the top of the mountain, back as far up as I can, and then rev off the side just so I could see what that feeling of falling is like. It was awesome! And I could remember having a dumb smile as I’m falling.

I woke up not like it was a nightmare but more like “What the hell was that all about?”
I figure me not controlling my car could represent me and my life although I don’t think that makes sense.

The geese are from this family at work. Last year the mother would stick out her tongue and hiss at me whenever I drove by. I thought that was kinda cool and so I would purposely drive by slowly just to piss her off. I know that’s probably bad karma and all but I find it humorous so I laugh and make faces at them. Yeah I should grow up…but it’s pretty sweet.
So I suppose that this dream was the geese having the revenge on me.



Then me figuring out that it was a dream was just that. I’m trying to control my dreams more often because then I can expand on my dream and do whatever I want.


Have a good weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh Brother! And it's "Canada Geese", not Canadian, Dumbass!

Boof said...

aaah... I wish they'd just go back down to Canadia where they came from.