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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Show Me Your Bits!

I've been to London, seen seven wonders.
I know to trip is just to fall
I used to rock it, sometimes I'd roll it.
I always knew what it was for

-Jeez… So the Twins stadium bill makes it out of the House by the skin of it’s teeth and you’d hope that the bill would conveniently make it through the Senate without many problems. Apparently that’s too much to ask because the Senate is screwing this up!
It’s like asking your Mother to watch your apartment for the weekend only to come back with everything rearranged and screwed up.
Some people are talking about the DFL trying to stick it to Pawlenty by forcing him to tax people after he said he wouldn’t. WHATEVER! Just get the god damn thing done and quit foolin around!

-Senator Pogemiller was interviewed on the local radio station yesterday. He was on the PA & Dubay show which I have always felt has been hosted by a couple morons and Viking groupies and they never ever seem to talk about baseball. Even so, they really gave Pogemiller a beating when he was a guest on the show and they exposed how much of a dumbass the Senator was. He didn’t know the University of Louisville was a university!?

- It’s been about three weeks since my old gateway computer was stolen. I looked in my unlocked storage locker yesterday and to my delight, it’s still stolen!!!! BOOOOOOYAAAAAAAH

I hope whoever stole it dropped it off a really big building!

-Yesterday Brad Radke faced off against Joe Mays in an all out battle of the sucka-cons (a transformer that I have just invented). Radke came into the game with an ERA of 8.89 and Mays with 12.46. Mays got knocked out in the 4th after pitching only 10 outs and giving up 6 runs (2 of them earned). Amazingly enough, Mays’ ERA actually went down to 10.27.
Bwahahaha You know you suck when you give up 6 runs in three innings and your ERA drops.

-I think I got an issue resolved with Fuckface but not without some whining and a childish response.

-As Alie said the other day, I am indeed brave. I’m a true American hero for going to the see United 93 by myself. In fact, I will go as far as to say that I should have a school named after me for such bravery. “Boof Barber College”
Haha just breaking ya balls Alie! Bwahhaha


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