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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Watching Paint Dry

It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down
I had the radio on, I was drivin'
trees flew by, me and Del were singin' little Runaway
I was flyin'

Boof Bonser's line from Sunday: 6IP 5H 1R 1ER 3BB 8K's in the no decision (thanks for nothing Jesse Crain!)

I’m going to be honest, this week is going to be all about the new ballpark and thoughts, ideas, and visions of this new ballpark. Basically after 12 years of waiting, it’s now reality and now I’m officially obsessed. So Alie, you may want to do some serious “skimming” throughout this week.

So what did you guys end up doing on Saturday night? I spent the whole damn night watching the Minnesota Legislative sessions and boy was that fun! I could’ve just as easily pissed off a hornets nest and rubbed honey on my belly and still have time to buy a gas station sandwich but no, I watched a bunch of dirty politicians vote on the new Twins stadium.

It was supposed to be relatively easy seeing as the bill already passed both the House and Senate a couple weeks ago. The only thing was the bill was slightly modified by the conference committee to make the bill more appealing to the two branches. These politicians are all very sketchy--the quick voting the other way before the voting closes, the excuses some of these politicians have, and the tactics involved with the overall back patting and blow jobs they give each other. Don’t get me wrong, there are some seemingly decent politicians who seem to have a head screwed on their shoulders, but some are just disgusting.

The house went first.

The bill was introduced and right away Phil Krinkie (the tight ass who will sacrifice little children in order to destroy this bill) and company threatened with immediate lawsuits. The problem was that Hennepin County was going to be taxed (3 cents on $20) for the stadium and only Hennepin County. This usually involves a referendum but if given the chance for a referendum, it would’ve immediately been shot down based on the thought of new taxes (oh the humanity).

After the lawsuits came the amendment to bring the bill back to the conference committee, which would’ve killed the bill. The amendment was shot down by a huge margin. Great.

Then came the bill and that passed…just barely.

3:30am the Senate finally started debating the bill.
Again an amendment came from Sen Bachman from Stillwater to send the bill back to the conference committee and that got shot down. Bachman is what I would call an ultraconservative. It’s almost to the point where she’d probably abolish all people whose name starts with an X.

Anyway I hear all about how they could’ve saved the Ford plant and how the Twins really don’t matter. Blah blah blah. The other Senators were getting tired and mad so the vote came shortly.

Then came the vote and this was it. A no vote would probably mean the end of major league baseball in Minnesota.
3-3, 7-7, 20-25 (oh no the bill was losing!)
30-30 (aaaah tied with only a few more senators left)
33-32 (woah…close)
34-32 and that was it.

It was incredibly dramatic.

34-32 in favor and the Twins were not only staying in Minnesota, but they’d have a new stadium as a 50th anniversary gift.

Like I said this vote meant so much more than just a stadium. It ensures the team will stay in Minnesota for 35 years (counting the years before 2010) and it takes care of this whole contraction/stadium/team moving mess. This mess has been around for 22 years!

You have no idea the feeling of watching your favorite baseball team and thinking it could very well be the last like in 2002.

Also just the thought of having an outdoor stadium may be pretty cool for anyone used to an outdoor park but for us Minnesotans, it’s exciting! You see I grew up with the Metrodome and I never went to an outdoor ballpark until 1995. It’s the little stuff that we notice; the lush green grass, the lawn mower marks, the sun beating down on the field, the blue sky, and the fresh air. All of which gives an amazing feeling and we haven’t even said anything about the actual game yet.


Aliecat said...

Suprizingly, I read this post! Haha! Glad they got their stadium, now they can finally shaddup about it!

Barry Metropolis said...

So guess who had tickets two rows above the Twins dugout to Friday's game? And guess who was on TV after Tony Batista's epic bomb? And guess who got Cuddy to wink at him (not like that)? And guess who got Boof (not you) to give him a nod and a wave? That's right--Barry Metropolis is the answer to all those questions. Congrats on the success of your namesake.

Boof said...

hahaha thank you, thank you.

In a couple more weeks it's going to be completly tacky.