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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

5 Things

You live in a church
where you sleep with voodoo dolls
and you won't give up the search
for the ghosts in the halls

Well what do ya know. 6/6/06 ends up being a beautiful 80 degree, sunny day. Too bad everyday couldn’t be like 6/6/06. Pffff

Alie want’s to know what’s in my closet so I figured I’ll play the little blogging game.

5 Items

5 Items in my fridge

-a bunch of Coke
-barbeque sauce
-that cool whip which was there last time when I took a picture of my fridge. Does cool whip go bad?

5 Items in my closet

-Text books ( hey I paid $100 a pop for them. I’m not going to sell them for $4)
-some winter stuff (gloves, winter hats, ect)
-my tool box

5 Items in my car
-safety glasses
-oil change invoices
-3 sticks of gum
-rain gear

5 Items in my purse
-Jimmy Hoffa
-Lindburgh baby
-The entire 1st and 2nd seasons of Duct Tales on VHS
-white cheddar cheese nips
-a case of Clear Pepsi

Riveting isn’t it?

So I guess I’ll tag (Ron, The Steph, the person who wanted to rip my head off for that Def Leppard blasphemy the other day, Everyday Super Goddess, and Barry Metropolis--wait he just got married-- uhhh The Hannes.


Aliecat said...

Hey! I was saving Jimmy Hoffa for an emergency! You give him back!

The Steph said...

I'm glad that the person that ripped you finally has a face. He's kinda hot.