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Thursday, June 15, 2006


And I thought of all the bad luck,
And the struggles we went through
And how I lost me and you lost you

-Tuesday nights Twins game was so damn good y’all should simply go blind right now in case you missed it. It truly was great in almost every aspect: great *great* pitching, good fielding, runners thrown out on the bases, and a grand slam in extra innings by a rookie to top things off. Did I mention that it was a great pitching performance? Let’s just say that Santana struck out 7 of the first nine hitters he faced and his change up was bug bunny-like.

-Then there’s the grand slams the Twins are hitting. Cuddyer has 2 in the last ten days, Morneau has 2 more, and Kubel had one last night. Basically we’ve had one hit almost every night in the past week or so. Amazing! Now it’s my turn! I wanna face Jesse Crain.

-THEN, the Twins told Tony Batista to find the key to the batter’s box while the Twins drove off. Finally, we don’t have that fatass playing 3rd and they realize that Sugar Tits playing 3rd is basically better than Tony Fatass.

-THEN, they FINALLY called up Jason Bartlett (an actual SS) who has been in the minors batting over .300 while the twins shove the .200 hitting (and 3 times more expensive) Castro in that position. Good lord playing “the right way” sure has it’s share of bullheadedness.

-Enough with the Twins,
With the final episode of The Sopranos not being shown until the Twins ballpark opens I’ve been hooked on another show which has already been cancelled. The show is called “Dead Like Me” and it’s about grim reapers in a modernized sense. These main characters don’t roam around in black cloaks or anything, but they actually take the form of complete strangers (to the public) and they’re in charge of taking out the souls of the soon-to-be dead. It’s not as complicated as that just sounded, but it’s really god damn interesting.

Also the main character of George (it’s a woman) is fascinating. She has this great voice that sounds like she just rolled out of bed but yet she has this weird voice fluctuating thing that is very unique. Basically she doesn’t do voice-overs like a professional but more realistic to true life. She also visits her old house where her sister is struggling with George’s death.

It’s really good. It has a real Quantum Leap quality about it.

-I’ve actually be watching the World Cup when I can. I’ve usually held the notion that soccer sucks and I don’t want to have anything to do with it, but I love worldly competitions so I need to watch. I don’t know how to evaluate talent when it comes to soccer-football but I do know that Brazil can do some crazy shit with the ball.

My prediction is that the US wins it all. Bwahahahhaha I keed, I keed.

-Yesterday I woke up early to go to the gym. I immediately gather all the stuff I need (shoes, socks, shorts, ect) and made my way. Once I got to my car, I forgot my water, so I went back to my room to get it.
I then drove over to the community center and found out that I forgot my Ipod. There’s no way in hell I’m running to the sound of the wind, so I had to drive back to my apartment and fetch it.

I came back to the community center, opened my bag and began putting on my gym stuff…

Just one of those days I suppose, so I went to get a new remote for my tv.

-Comcast must make really POS remotes because this was the 3rd remote I’ve had in a span of 15 months. It’s also easy as hell to get a new one.

Lady: Can I help you?
Boof: yeah I need a new remote.

Lady then snatches my old remote and throws it in a huge bin full of broken remotes and gives me a new one from this equally huge bin filled with new remotes.

No questions asked, she just gave me a new remote.

Those things must be made of unflavored fortune cookies or something.

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Just noticed you changed your little discription below the are cuter than a duck wearing a hat...Cracker...