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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cowbell Time!

Well some say life will beat you down
Break your heart, steal your crown
So I've started out, for God knows where
I guess I'll know when I get there

Twins are on fire. YEAHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!

They’ve won 8 in a row and there’s nothing that can bring them down. Last night, even with Radke giving up the 3 run homer to Lance Berkman, the Twins still came out with the win. Even after Joe Nathan gave up that game tying homer in the bottom of the ninth the Twins still countered with a Justin Morneau homer to take back the lead in extra innings.

And it all started when the Twins dumped Tony Fatass and traded Juan Castro. Ugh just the thought of those two in the lineup every night makes me want to spontaneously throw up all over.

Their replacements haven’t been doing too bad either.

Nick Punto (of all players) has been playing some decent 3rd base. The guy has more range than Fatass (who has as much range as a chair) and lately he’s been doing some little things that keeps the innings going.

Jason Bartlett (who should’ve been the damn short stop from day one) has only batted 10 for 26 and is hitting at a .455 clip which a bit of a difference than .230 batting Castro. Why the hell Gardenhire has kept this guy in AAA is beyond me.

Now our lineup from 1-7 looks really damn good.

Castillo: is always good at getting on base
Punto: not a bad 2 hitter but I’d rather have Bartlett here
Mauer: .378
Cuddyer: has shown very good power this year and his arm in right field is awesome!
Morneau: Justin Morneau will likely hit over 30 homers this year! He’s also in the top 5 for RBI’s in the league.
Hunter: meh…
Kubel: has like 4 homers in the last ten days. He’s solidified the left field position
Bartlett: has shown that he can get on base regularly.

Then all that’s left is a DH which is actually the weakest part of the order. I hope to god that when Shannon Stewart comes back that he’s the new DH instead of the left fielder again. Stewart sucks in left field! I think I have a better arm than that guy.

Then, THEN the pitching has come around.

Thursday Francisco Liriano will be facing against Roger Clemens. ESPN is horny as hell over Clemens 2006 debut and Liriano could take them by surprise. Liriano could be the 2nd best left hander in baseball. You know a guy is good when in his last 36 innings (as a starter) he gives up 20 HITS! That’s just phenomenal stuff--it’s video game baseball. Not a bad throw away pick ay Hannes?

And the biggest thing, the Twins are now 35-34, over .500. I never thought they had enough to make it to .500 especially this early but that’s what a nine game winning streak does.

So the Twins should be making some huge ground in the central eh? Nope, I think in their nine game winning streak the twins have gained like one game on Detroit. When the Twins decided to have their hot streak, Detroit AND Chicago are having theirs.

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Hannes said...

That was a beautiful suggestion Berg. He is amazing and is really helping to carry my team.