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Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day Crap

I want a a love that's on the square
Can't seem to find somebody
Someone to care
And I'm all alone on a road that leads to no where
I need a Sunday kind of love

Let’s just say I have World Cup fever. I honestly do.

Crap List

1. Father’s Day

Actually after seeing about 15minutes of the US Open you’d think it was Tiger Wood’s Father’s Day with basically everything involved with that event. Firstly, one could basically pencil in Tiger as the 2006 US Open champion with the coverage of ESPN and the media. It seemed as if the general consensus was that Tiger was going to win the event by going 127 under par by the time he finishes on Sunday. It was as if he was going to ‘strike down upon thee’ because the event was going to end on Father’s Day and his dad died…and his dad is the only dad to have ever died…ever in the history of mankind.
Then there’s that Nike commercial which is basically showing old family clips of Tiger and his dad through the years. It truly was Earl Wood’s Day!

Now I sympathize with Mr. Woods about his dad. I really do. It’s gotta be tough when one losses their father, but when I want to watch golf, I don’t want it to be a huge funeral. Some of the radio programs and tv programs I saw almost made it feel like a funeral.

It was a lot like when Brett Favre’s dad died. You’d have thought that Wisconsin and the NFL world was on it’s knees when the news broke. Yet when Trent Green’s dad or anyone else’s dad passes we get a blurb like,
Trent Green is Probable for Sunday’s game. Missed Thursday’s practice due to the death of his dad.

And that’s about it. My point is, I hate it when the media picks fathers that we should care about and then we should grieve with family in that process? Sucks but that’s life. Death is an important step of the life cycle!

Why don’t we ever see anything about Derek Jeter’s dad?
Why don’t we ever hear anything about Vladdy’s dad?

2. Passwords

So at work I have passwords,
One to get into my computer, to get into the program I need, to get into my work email, one for the program where I can see plans, another to log on to training, and another to insert my hours.

Then there’s my regular email, gmail account, blogger, my bank accounts, 401(k),, radio, and numerous other websites that all take passwords.

I feel very proud to say that I could tell you all passwords to all those areas. I know all that stuff and it’s in my head. It’s tough though, some are simple passwords, some require letters and numbers, some need eight characters, and others need to be the “smart” passwords which include letters, numbers and one of these: !@#$%^&*() signs.

I can barely tolerate the “smart” passwords enough to shake my head a little bit and take an extra ten seconds to type in that ridiculously long and obscure password. I can do it but it will take about twelve hours off my life just to get the energy to remember such a ridiculous password. God herself could not possibly sit on my computer and haphazardly guess this password!

So then two weeks later I get this message,

Password is outdated, please change your “smart” password

So now I’m completely fucked. My cup runeth over and now there’s crap everywhere. I’ll change it but there’s no way in hell I will remember this new insane password.

No way.

Now I’m about ready to call up IT,

IT: Hello IT, how can we help you?
Boof: yeah,…What the fuck is wrong with you guys? (hang up)

So you basically need to write it down--oh but you can’t ever write down your password because then one can steal it. AAARRRGHHH!

1 comment:

The Steph said...

Maybe everything should just have one of those thumbprint recognition systems attached. Then you don't have to remember anything...just to bring your right hand with you. Of course, if you don't have opposible (sp??) thumbs, you're in trouble. And don't write down your thumbprint anywhere.