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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Little girl from Cherry Lawn
How can you be so bold?
How did you know that golden rule?

In the past week I have seen a bunch of different movies. Instead of giving an annoying informal review of each I thought I would give an annoying quickie half-assed review of each.

So here we go.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

I never read any comics as a kid. I would read Archie but only because my ignorant family dentist would hand them out free (tangent: wow that guy really did follow the book on old school dentistry…aka: waiting until the teeth turn to soft and brown until something gets done). I never got into traditional comics for some strange reason because I was very much anti-reading and pro-Nintendo.

I came into this moving having seen the first movie but I can’t remember a thing about it-I think I must have fell asleep halfway through it, so I didn’t know anything about the background story. I took the crash course and was amazed at this movie. My jaw dropped with all the action and decent dialogue.

I did notice the obvious foreshadowing the movie is forced to take when the mutant powers are revealed because you know it will come back at some point in the movie.

After walking out of the movie I asked my friends on their opinion. I was expecting a “awwww yeah that was awesome” or “sweeet as hell” but instead I got a, “eh, it was alright” or “I wouldn’t call it a ‘bad’ movie but…”. I was the one who was wide eyed and ready for more.

I don’t know my comics but I liked this movie a bunch.

Mr. 3000
I checked this out from the local library and this was absolute crap. Bernie Mac plays a hall of fame hitter who just relies on his 3000 hits in order to enter the hall of fame. The thing is, Bernie Mac plays an asshole who doesn’t care about the team..
Blah blah blah…

don’t rent this horseshit

Another movie I checked out from the library and this was 180 degrees from Mr 3000. This was excellent!
Murderball is a documentary about the US quadriplegic rugby team which is basically a team version of smear the queer in wheelchairs. The movie explains the fascinating sport and the fierce rivalry the US has with the rest of the world and especially Canada. What’s even more fascinating is the story of each of these players and how they‘ve dealt with injuries.
If you’ve ever wondered how a disabled person deals with everyday life, this movie is a decent primer. While it’s obvious to assume their limitations what isn’t obvious is what they can do. This movie explains what they can do including…that certain question that you are afraid to ask.

Story wise this movie has you continuously rooting for the US and I found myself hating Canada for the first time since that annoying kid in my homeroom who was so obnoxious. I did end up breaking his “unbreakable comb” so I had that going for me.

Anyway, rent Murderball!

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The Steph said...

Please tell me you didn't go into Mr. 3000 anticipating a masterpiece. I haven't seen it, but I don't think I could be disappointed by it...cause my expectations are lower than a flea's knee!