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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I pledge my grievance to the flag.
Cause you don't give blood then take it back again.
Oh we're all deserving something more.

Phone call on Friday,

T: So you’re going to The Rodeo with us tonight right?

Boof: The rodeo? Uhhh I don’t know

T: yeah aawwwww come on! It’s soooooo fun.

Boof: hmmmm

So I thought, maybe it would be worth taking a night and seeing what a country bar is like. It could be interesting if they played some Willy Nelson or Merle Haggard and if there was a mechanical bull. Oh and then there’s the hot ass cowgirls and their ass pants and…oh, cowgirls riding mechanical bulls...slowly.

So yeah I ended up heading to The Rodeo in Cottage Grove except it’s now called “The Rush”. No big deal, there’s tons of pick-up trucks in the parking lot so it must still be a country western style bar.

Not really. The bar was a club and at this club they played the typical stuff that I cannot stand. Me and my friends (or “my crew”) bought some drinks and found T, L, and company which are all female.

Like I said, we couldn’t stand the music but the people watching was great. We actually saw “dance offs”, the thing where 7 guys get into a circle and take turns doing hand stands and spinning, and then there were the dirty sluts.

Which leads to the source of the entry…

So like I said, we’re in the corner mostly gawking at women when this incredibly hot and equally slutty girl comes out and starts dancing.

Me and Raymond are watching and conversing,

Raymond: Wow.

Boof: Yeah. Wow.

So slutty starts dancing and we’re still people watching and keeping and eye on slutty. Slutty then stands on this corner stage right in front of us (pretty much over us) and starts dancing.

T-Bone: yeah so basically I went over and--

Raymond: uh T-bone…

T-Bone: --and I told him to shove the stupid watermelon--

Boof: whoah, T-Bone, uh T-Bone

T-Bone: --and we--woah

And there we were, jaws dropped, 4 of the 5 senses completely useless, and watching this slut doing these Shakira type ass moves in this ultra short skirt right above us. We were pretty much zombies.

Any guy that walked around our area was soon 'a pepper' too as their vision locked on this ass going to the side and rocking back and forth. We all were under the spell of a slut with a hot ass.

My female friend T then came up to me,

T: My god, that woman has no self esteem. What a whore.

Boof still staring: yeah, uh… yeah.

Because it was true, she didn’t have any self esteem. After all, “I have no self esteem” was even tattooed on her ass…along with the rest of the bible.

We were simply trying to read the bible…

My excuse is that I’m a full fledged ‘assman’ so I’m just playing my role in society.

Little did us guys know (or were aware of) Slutty’s friend was standing right there looking at all the cattle staring at her friend. Friend then gives slutty some money trying to provoke the rest of us to give slutty some money.

Is she actually asking for money for such blatant whoring around?

She was and that’s when T and L and their friends basically wanted to cause a throw down. I’ve never seen them so vindictive and pissed off. It was very…interesting.

So I’m trying to look at the situation through the eyes of a woman so bare with me.

So the scene is about a dozen guys in a trance looking at a slut dancing around above them.

1. T and company could be jealous: I kind of doubt this because I don’t think anyone they were interested in was watching this slut.

2. It’s just rude. That could be it because it may be considered rude for a slut to shake her as in front of them. Could be.

3. It’s just plain old cheap: This could be because T and L could just of easily done the same stuff (wearing the short skirt, ass dancing in front of guys, and getting oogled) and got the same reaction but they actually wanted to find guys the conventional way with dancing (getting caught in the middle of a ‘manwich’) or getting a dude to buy them a beer. At least then they can get to know the guy before playing the “ass card”.

I suppose that would be a bit frustrating because basically us guys were nothing more than cattle looking at this rapidly shaking ass (and reading the bible too) and based on the way we are, we cant help the ogling.

Hmmm or maybe it’s something else. Maybe there was a memo sent out to women to not dress all slutty and go “the full nine” and Slutty forgot to read said memo.

Hmmm any thoughts?


Aliecat said...

They were pissed because it's that kind of shit that sets the womens movement back 60 years. That and they were probably pissed that you guys were so easily captivated by cheap moves and they probably thought you were more evolved. That being said, why didn't you take pics? I would have stared just for the sheer fun of it, though, but I wouldn't have gotten upset, just mildly amused.

Boof said...

Women's movement? You mean y'all get out of the kitchen?
haha jus kiddin