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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh, I Got Bits

Two girls ride the blue line
Two girls walk down the same street
One left her sweater sittin' on the train
The other lost three fingers at the cannery
Everything's so easy for Pauline

-I spent my Memorial Day weekend in Sioux Falls visiting my old friend C. I have been to Sioux Falls at least a dozen times and I am completely convinced that “hot girl camp” is somewhere around there. The first handful of times I was there I figured I must be in a good patch of females and that the ugly ones were over on the other side of town, but no I can’t say I have seen one ugly women there.

It’s quite amazing! Me and C will be making our way through the parking lot and…they’re everywhere. Hot women have completely taken over Sioux Falls. My neck really took a pounding with all the quadruple takes I took. It got to the point where I stopped counting to seven and I would’ve rightfully taken slaps to the face and the dirty looks that go with the territory.

-Another thing about SF is that it’s growing like wildfire. Seriously, it’s Woodbury-ish the way the commercial end of things is getting around. 41st street should be renamed “clusterfuck ave.”

They’ve also got all the places that compliment a city: Krispie Kreme (it was a HUGE deal when they finally arrived in the Twin Cities), all the fast food joints, IHOP, Best Buy, 3 Culvers, and halfway decent mall. It’s like a brand new Mankato. Also, the prices there aren’t “big city prices”

C: yeah movie tickets have gotten really expensive here. They’re like $6.75 now.
Boof: Expensive eh? We’ll they’re $8.75 where I’m at.

-I’m amazed at my new phone. I didn’t get any ‘top of the line’ type thing that starts your car or anything but it’s got all this stuff that I’ve never had before. Basically I just stepped into 2004 with my new phone after leaving 1999 with my old one.

Boof at the cell phone store dropping his old one on the counter: yeah, I think it’s time I get a new phone
Clerk looking at a plastic stick with two tomato sauce cans stapled on both ends: yeah I would say so. So we have a all these phones here. This one here you can take pictures. Do you want a phone with a camera?
Boof: No thanks, I bought a camera for that purpose. Basically I want the cheapest phone that is better than my old one.
Clerk: oh, well our worst phone is like 3 times better than whatever the hell you brought.

My new phone can actually play songs and not just the Atari 3000 type knock off songs (why the hell would anyone get those stupid things). It can also tell me the time and battery charge without even opening it!

Also I can make more than 60 minutes of calls without paying up the ass!

-I picked up my Dad and his friend from the airport the other day. They just got back from Coca Cola 600 which was in Charlotte. Apparently these guys would work together to get out of paying to get into museums and other things. They would basically act like old crotchety people and yell until the ticket taker would be to tired to argue.
It was dark out when I picked them up from the airport so I couldn’t see exactly how red their necks were.


Aliecat said...

Sioux Falls is a college town, thus the hot girls...I should know, I'm one of them! And yeah, SF now has a SuperWalmart...gaa!

Anonymous said...

All the ugly ones are in Rapid City! Ugliest damn mutts I have ever seen!