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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Petty/Pearl Jam part 2

Well I’ve got arms (and I’ve got arms)
Lets get together and use those arms

Lets go…..
Time’s a waistin’

Night 2 was ingoddamncredible! Whatever the hell I was bitching about yesterday is already forgotten because this, night 2, was actually worth the $100 and then some.

The guys indeed had everything cranked up to “11”.

Pearl Jam played an almost completely different and fantastic set with “Hail Hail”, “Not for You”, and “Glorified G” to say the least. The crowd was completely into it.

Then came “Black” and Black was one of the best moments I have seen in all the PJ shows I have attended. This number alone was worth the price of admission. PJ ended their set with Alive which also sent chills down most everyone’s spine.

Tom Petty changed things around a little and he was still as good as the night before.

This was a damn good concert!

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