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Friday, June 30, 2006

Wiggle, Jiggle, and Jam--Bits?

I've come up with riddles and jokes about war.
I figured out numbers and what they're for.
I've understood feelings and I've understood words but how could you be taken away?

- “So when are you going on days?”
Everyone and their Mothers have been asking me this and the truth is, it’s soon. The thing that really bugs me is that everyone knows more than I do because after they ask that question, they’ll follow with what they know. Then all the heresy is complete rumors and stuff that you need to take with a grain of salt. I mean they already hired the guy who’s supposed to take over and I met him today.

Then at our meeting today they even announced that so-and-so is the guy replacing me which made me stand up and clap. After giving my standing ovation I was then told by my boss who then said,
“Yeah Tom will be going on days but first he’ll be training (so and so) in for about a year on nights.” which was probably the most effective sarcasm that I have ever felt.
I wanted to break his face.

-After going to a Pearl Jam concert the thing to do is to go out and order the bootleg since they’re known for producing nice and fancy bootlegs. In years past I’ve had to go online and “check the box” for the concert and then wait about a month for the cd to arrive in the mail. The whole thing cost about $20 which isn’t bad for a double live album.

This year they’ve done without cd’s and have gone the internet route. They have a program to download where you can order the concert for $10 for the mp3 or $15 for the flac (the new generation vinyl for computers). The whole process is completely online like ordering a song through itunes. I got the entire 2 shows in under 15 minutes. I was a little blown away by the whole thing.

I already have the boot from the past couple nights in fact. Not only that but it comes with the artwork intended for the disc’s, front, and back of the cd case for which you gotta provide. It also comes with a bunch of digital pictures which makes for a pretty phat package of stuff.

-The Twins actually gained a half a game yesterday when the White Sox actually lost a game. Now they only have….ugh, too many games to go to make the playoffs .

-Last Saturday night K and I went to see “The Lake House” which though it’s a chick flic, and it does have mr. “woah” in the movie, it’s really not that bad. It even has a gaping huge plot hole (like ‘pink elephant hanging around in your living room watching matlock’ huge) and Reeves says some incredibly stupid things like,
“I need to go there to find my woman of the future.” or something like that. It sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi flick.

Even after all that complete crap, it’s not really that bad. It does have it’s moments and the ending even had me “duped” which I almost feel ashamed about. Still, I’m sure it’s better than Garfield 2 (why the hell would they make a second one?)

-The huge rip off called the Taste of Minnesota is this weekend and there’s going to be a free concerts by Alice Cooper, Los Lonely boys, Soul Asylum, Davy Jones from the Monkees, and David Cassidy. Despite all of those bands, Steph still wants to see “Wiggle, Jiggle, and Jam” from the Disney stage.

Whatever Steph, that sounds dumb! hahaha

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The Steph said...

You have ruined my reputation. I'm suing for defamation of character. Booooo.