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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Fever

All alone we go on day after day
All alone we suffer
Oh, steal your heart away

My schedule of my weekend.

9am wake up and get ready to go to the bar
10:30 arrive at The Local (Minneapolis Irish pub) to watch soccer with H and company.
4:30pm leave the pub and head for home
5:00pm take a nap
7pm head over to “Star Central” to watch MiniKiss, four midgets (or is it little people?) who are dressed in make up and perform the music by KISS. It was interesting to say the least.

7am: wake up and get ready to go to the pub again
8am: watching soccer at the pub
Noon: St. Croix Father’s Day cruise.

Rest of the afternoon: sleep.

So yeah I woke up and went to the pub early on both days and I loved every second of it. Me, the person who drinks about two beers in a week, having beer at 8am because Bass pints were $3-how could you go wrong?

Like I said yesterday, I really do have World Cup fever. I never thought I would ever wake up early to watch soccer, ever. Sure enough the last three days I have done so and I can barely break away from it.

On Saturday we were watching Ghana Vs. Czech Republic and there were actually two Gyans (Ghananites? Ghananans? San Diegons?) guys there and after the first goal by Ghana, they--and a dozen other people in the pub--were bouncing off the walls. The place at 11am erupted into cheers and yells from everywhere inside. It was starting to get fun.

Then as the game progressed people started filing in for the US/Italy game coming up at 1pm (I think). At game time there was barely any room to stand around as the place was packed wall to wall. People in the pub were starting chants (just like the other countries) and the scene was electric. There were even a couple Italians in the crowd who were jeered whenever they came walking by. When the US (actually the Italians) scored their first goal the place almost lit fire with all the excitement from within.
It was one of the best environments I have ever been in.

We liked it so much that we went the next morning at 8am and yes the bar was open at that time. For the early game they had Croatia Vs. Japan and there were a couple Croats(?) there cheering their team on. The match ended 0-0 but it was still a good time.

The next match was Brazil Vs. Australia and the place had a pretty big Brazil contingent. Everyone was wearing Ronadinho jerseys and green and yellow. I couldn’t stay for the entire deal but I wish I could’ve.

Thursday the US will play Ghana in a match where the winner may qualify for the second round. I’m gonna try to go to the pub for this too. It’s too great of an experience to pass up. Even if it’s during rush hour.

World Cup fever--CATCH IT!

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Aliecat said...

I'm concerned about your drinking, namely that I wasn't invited...humpf