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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jugband Blues Bits

It's an idea, someday
in my tears, my dreams
don't you want to see her proof?
Life that comes of no harm

-One thing I forgot to mention about Syd Barrett was the song “Jugband Blues”. Jugband Blues was one of the last Pink Floyd song that Syd wrote for the band and it could easily be the most chilling Pink Floyd song in their catalog.

At the time the band was flirting with doing away with Syd. The lyrics in this song sugest that Syd knew this but he couldn’t help it

“And I wonder who could be writing this song” is one hell of a lyric for Syd and his condition at that time.

Take a listen and try to figure out if he’s being sincere or sarcastic. I can’t really figure it out.

-I took the baseball test on and I was disappointed to find out that I only got 20 out of 50 questions right. Then again, “I’m not a good test taker” so there.

A couple things I did learn

-I have always wondered why so many of the Yankees retired numbers were single digits. I thought perhaps single digits were considered the best like number one would be coveted or something. Apparently in the twenties when they first brought up the idea of numbering jerseys, the Yankees would number their players according to the batting order: lead off would be 1, on deck would be 2, in the hole would be 3 and so on.
Which leads to why Babe Ruth was 3 and Gehrig was 4 since they were THE best 3 and 4 hitters of all time.
-”Cy” in Cy Young was a complete nickname. I though maybe Cy would stand for…uh…cydney or something but it’s short for cyclone. So one could say that Bartolo Colon won the Cyclone Young award for the AL last year.

-Johan Santana and Francisco Liriano are actually being compared to Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale

-I just found out that I am related (in some long and drawn out family tree) to the Lienenkugel’s as in Honey Weiss or Berry Weiss. It doesn’t matter though because it’s not like I can stroll into the brewery and say,

“Hey…you! You know who I am? I’m your uh cousin’s cousin’s uncle’s sisters daughters cousin’s grandfathers mistress’s kid’s father’s daughter’s uh…yadda yadda yadda kid. Can I have a little sippy sippy?” and instead of giving me a sippy sippy, they’d throw me out.

Then again, I’m probably related to everyone in Iowa so I guess it doesn’t matter.


Aliecat said...

"sippy sippy?" heh!

The Steph said...

Is that (being related to everyone in Iowa) something to be proud of? I missed that memo. No one ever tells me anything important.

Boof said...

nah, it was an inbred joke

waaka, waaka, waaka