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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Just Riding the Wave...

Lightning crashes, a new mother cries
This moment shes been waiting for
The angel opens her eyes

So this entry might be darn right appalling and disgusting if you haven’t had an awesome streak that I’ve been having lately. The past month has been so good that I’m kinda/sorta freaked out that the law of averages will come out and “average” up things a bit.

As a result of this, here, crap-blog I have come to the conclusion that everyone thinks I’m a cranky ass hardcore--no, terminally insane--Twins fan. Well, I’m not terminally insane that much.
But my good streak started when I read this,
“Twins release third baseman Batista” which, at the time, made me jump up and down and jump around like a monkey on my balcony.

Since then,

-Twins traded Juan Castro
-Won almost every game they’ve played
-I found out I’d be going on days which means I wouldn’t have to deal with fuck-face as much.
-I got a raise.
-Found out I’m moving to a place where there’s a sand trap right outside my window
-$400 less a month for rent
-crashed into my date’s family’s garage and still had a good night (story on Friday).
-I may have found someone that can put up with me.
-like 5 breakfast buffets at the local pub
-2 sweet Pearl Jam/Tom Petty shows
-I got the sweetest jersey in the history of mankind
-ummm haven’t been fired yet
-I still have all my teeth
-and that’s it…

But my point is,
Tony Batista really sucked and the Twins are a better team for have gotten rid of him.

I hope everyone had a great 4th and you blew up a lot of stuff.

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