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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

PULSE, Today!

And for one desperate moment
There she crept back in his memory
God it's so painful when something that's so close
Is still so far out of reach

It was last year at this time when the most amazing event in the history of the world and other galaxies took place. For one weekend I pretty much shut myself inside my apartment and eagerly awaiting senior citizens to take stage and make the impossible happen.

Pink Floyd reunited for one 20 minute performance and it completely made my day (hell, my year in fact)

Basically, just go back one year and read all about it.

Now today the one item that I’ve been waiting for years to come out hit’s the shelves. Heck, when I bought my significant other (my tv) I dreamt about sitting on my couch and watching this performance and absorbing everything until I break down and pass out with my eyes open the very day I purchased my baby.

Pink Floyd’s, PULSE, comes out today!

As a connoisseur of music dvd’s I can confidently say that this is better than Queen: Live at Wembly Arena, head above shoulders to U2 Live in Boston, and even more special then the Night for George. Basically I remember viewing this concert as a VHS--on video tape no less--in constant awe over the unbelievable light show and how great the music was.

Now this same concert is digital! I can sit and float in 5.1, surround sound, commentary, digitalized delight because this concert will be in the palm of my hands at 10am today.

As for the delays, here’s what they (EMI) did to us fans. Something like four years ago they announce that they were in the process of compiling stuff together to make the PULSE dvd which made Pink Floyd junkies like me salivating over such a thought. Then it was delayed because there was a disagreement or a mishap of some sort and it was delayed. Not a big deal because it would probably come out in the next couple months I figured.

Nope, they came out with another release date which was something like a year later--then delayed.
Another date, delayed
And again it happened.
And again!

Finally 6 months ago they finally got smart and came out with a release date of September 21 of 2006 which was ridiculously long term. Us fans figured this has *HAS* to be the date, but of course we took it with a grain of sand.

I mean we’ve already been teased with all the goodies that comes with this concert like the music videos of Learning to Fly and Take it Back, and the films shown on the back-drop during concert, and more songs. We (probably just me) craved this dvd. We needed this dvd like a fat kid needs cake.

Live 8 certainly helped stave the anticipation for such a dvd but PULSE was always in the back of my dvd buying mind. I couldn’t wait to watch the light show to “One of These Days” or the scene at the end of “eclipse”. Today I’ll get to see it.

If it gets delayed again…I’m gonna be mad though.

Like really, really mad!

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