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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Those Are Some Tig Bits!

The crawlers cover the floor in the red ochre corridor.
For my second sight of people, theyve more lifeblood than before.
Theyre moving in time to a heavy wooden door,
Where the needles eye is winking, closing in on the poor.

-I believe it’s about confirmed that my new roommate/landlord is a full blown alcoholic. I have caught here drinking heavily and alone at least three times in the last week that I’ve been around which makes for some interesting stories.

Last night I think I walked in on her pleasuring herself. It was either that or she was petting a small dog under a blanket while moaning…

She didn’t see me so I just shook my head and went back to my room.

-Despite all the weird stuff that has happened around the new place, I have to say that this new landlord/roommate is pretty awesome to deal with (waaaaay better than H). Basically she said that her phat place is mine since I pay rent. I’ve actually had some decent conversations with her and it seems to be cool.

-I caught the Traveling Wilbury’s song “end of the line” video the other day and I must say that it’s pretty cool. It must’ve been shot after Roy Orbinson passed away because during his singing parts they have an empty rocking chair with a spotlight. It’s rather chilling and the other band members are pretty mellow.

God damn what the hell ever happened to music videos? Where is Peter Gabriel when you need him.

-Speaking of Peter Gabriel, I have found myself listening to Genesis for the past week. Ah…nothing else to add to that I guess.

-I have added some “Blogs of ridicule” onto my side bar so be sure to visit those sites and ridicule the hell out of them.
I have also added a couple entries to my “best of” category. How conceited is that?

-Speaking of ridicule, HOW AWESOME IS IT THAT THE TWINS SWEPT THE WHITE SOX?!? Oh man, that’s worth pleasuring yourself alone!

Okay everyone listen to me,

The Twins are now one half game out of the wild card spot behind those blasted Yankees. Steph and Eric are Yankees fans so especially give them some quality ridicule.

-Last weekend was THE weekend where I had our big baseball trip planned. As it turned out from what I had planned,
Friday (Detroit): Detroit beat the A’s so it wouldn’t be as awesome as possible. I still wanted to check out Comerica though.
Saturday (Cleveland): Twins lost 11-0 so that would’ve definitely sucked
Sunday (Cleveland): Liriano pitching…awesome
Monday (Chicago): Pizza alone would make for good times in Chicago but with the Twins coming from behind it would’ve been epic. Granted we probably would’ve been mugged by crazy White Sox fans but it would be worth it…I think.

Plus, I planed the trip with gas being $2.50 (which at the time was the high end figure) so perhaps skipping out wasn’t that bad. What am I saying, I wish I went on this trip! I was bitter for about a month!

-How’s this for a birthday present, the Cowboy Junkies are playing at the Guthrie the day before my birthday! I saw them three years ago at the old Guthrie and it was beyond fantastic. Now they’re playing at the NEW Guthrie and it gives me a chance to check out the place and act like I’m a theatre person. Tickets are like $35 though. For the Junkies!?


Aliecat said...

OK, Boof, I call bullshit on your landlord. It's starting to read like "Letters to Penthouse." I suggest photographic evidence next time.

Boof said...

It's true! Every damn word.

Anonymous said...

Screw you.


Orbitron19 said...

You know I've got tix for you at Comerica--the Twinkies are coming next Mon-Wed!

Orbitron19 said...

BTW, Why am I a blog of ridicule???