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Monday, July 24, 2006

Twins Talk

They disembarked in 45
And no-one spoke and no-one smiled
There were to many spaces in the line.

If you are even a little teensy bit of a Twins fan then you should *SHOULD* be watching these next couple games against the White Sox. If you’re not, just leave me you’re number so I can call you up and yell at you.

I mean really…it doesn’t get much better than this and specifically it doesn’t get much better tonight when Johan Santana pitches against Jose Contreras in a duel to the death…in baseball terms. Even if you’re a baseball fan you wont want to miss this game because it’s as close to October baseball as July can give you.

The Twins are now 2 (count them one and two!) games out of the wild card spot and I have to take this time to gloat to all those twins blogging non believers who gave up on the team just one month ago. They all said that this team had no chance and that 12 games out in June was hopeless.

Apparently those Twins bloggers and fans have not endured an entire major league season nor have they realized that there are 162 games in one year. Apparently they forgot about the Astros of last year or the Angels of --whatthehellwasit-- ‘96 or Bucky Dent and the Yankees of ‘78. Teams get hot and others go cold all at the same time.

Ok, ok I will admit that I even said that the Twins were done and I guess I should cut some slack to those bloggers and fans. After all we had Tony Batista and Juan Castro (remember them?) on the left side of the infield. Also take into account Shannon Stewart in left and the Twins had the worst left side of the field in the majors. I could play either of those positions with more potential than any of those sallys.

But now, facing the flailing White Sox and being 2 games out of the wild card is making for some exciting baseball. Last night the Twins came back from 2-0 down in the 6th among a sellout Chicago crowd to home the crap out of the crap sox. I wish I could’ve heard Hawk Harrelson cry like a little girl when Mauer hit that three-run home in the 7th because that is the kind of stuff that dreams are mad of. Oh, that would be music to my ears.

This weekend Ron’s Tigers are heading to the dome for an interesting 3 game series. The Twins are leading the league in home victories and the Tigers are leading the league in victories, wherever the hell they play. The Twins though, are going to have Liriano, Santana, and a damn good Radke facing them so it’ll be worth the $6 you’ll pay. Then the Tigers have their pitchers yadda yadda yadda who rock.

Be afraid Ron, be very afraid!

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