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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Boof's 24

I walked alone through the shaky streets,
Listening to my heart beat
In the record-breaking heat
When we were born in time.

With me addicted to “24” I thought I would do “24” on a typical day in my life.

Lets see what happens

12:00am-1am: Come home from work and bypass my roommate giving BJ in the garage. I then take off all my work stuff and get into my loungewear.

1am-2am: lay down in bed and watch “24” as I munch on some Doritos.
(chomp, chomp, chomp) “Wooooaaahh Holy crap” as I try to mutter with a mouth full of Doritos as one episode ends.

2am-3am: get ready for bed and probably start sleeping

3am-4am: sound asleep and maybe tossing around in my bed

4am-5am: same thing except maybe I start drooling and doing a “mmmmm..mmmommomomommmmmmm” sound as I sleep

5am-6am: sleeping and scratching my crotch perhaps

6am-7am: sleeping

7am-8am: Wake up and look at my alarm clock which says “7:15am” and then smile and go back to sleep

8am-9am: sleeping UNTIL…. My alarm goes off (then the episode would end leaving you on the edge of your seat)

9am-10am: My alarm clock goes off…and then I smile and go back to bed. My alarm goes off again at 9:30am and then I get right up, check the email, and start grabbing some breakfast food from the kitchen. I then drink water for the rest of the half hour.

10am-11am: heading to the community center and drinking a bunch of water. I get my gym clothes on and start running on the trail.

11am-12pm: still running and eventually making my way back to the community center. I then lift some weights, do some stretching, and take my shower. Peruse the library for some good movies.

12pm-1pm: arriving home and perusing the internet. Eating some jo-jos and watching some baseball perhaps.

1pm-2pm: napping

2pm-3pm: waking up and arriving to work. Start looking at ongoing jobs

3pm-4pm: still looking at ongoing jobs, starting out my own crews

4pm-5pm: “” “”

5pm-6pm: getting back to my desk and getting ready for lunch

6pm-7pm: eating lunch and setting up my computer for the Twins game

7pm-8pm: more work stuff and listening to the Twins

8pm-9pm: checking up on jobs and listening to the Twins

9pm-10pm: more of the same

10pm-11pm: and….more of the same

11pm-12am: checking my guys out and finishing up for the night.

I thought it was kinda crazy when I decided to take a nap suddenly at 1:15pm or so--oh and then me watching “24” as you would be watching “my 24”.

Then of course I needed to catch your attention by including the BJ right away in the first episode.

Maybe if there’s enough demand the 2nd season will come out.

1 comment:

Barry Metropolis said...

I seriously cannot wait for Fox to produce that. I am--of course--looking most forward to Episode 1. Also, I think I'll like the part about waking up and checking your email.