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Friday, August 04, 2006

A Family Reunion...

Well it's too late…tonight
to drag the past out into the light
We're one, but we're not the same
We get to carry each other, carry each other

As if a yearly summer get together wasn’t bad enough this year I have an entire family reunion…and it’s in Iowa. Usually at this time of year we have a “Christmas in July” type of get together that only includes the aunts and uncles and this seems hard enough. Now this year we have like double the amount of people, triple the amount of people I don’t know, and a bunch of fresh new faces that I have to “explain my story” to.

We usually get together and throw a bunch of gifts in the center of everyone in my family sitting in lawn chairs and everyone gets a random gift. (Last year I bought one of the best movies in the world, The Godfather, and included that with one of worst movies in the world, Glitter. No one got the joke…at all). I also had the super awesome idea to buy some University of Minnesota Gopher stuff in spite of all my hawkeye relatives.
Tangent: for my cousin’s wedding, they made everyone stand up and recite the U of Iowa rouser. I was going to the U of M that year and I refused to stand and acknowledge such crap. My relatives were asking if there was something wrong with me… AH YEAH, I DON’T PAY $10,000 A YEAR TO RECITE THIS CRAP ROUSER!)
See every year someone buys some sort of Hawkeyes shirt which is highly coveted amongst the guys. Since everything else is all boring women’s crafts: scented candles, knick knacks with some sort of old school saying on it, or a big pot or something I thought I would try to be a bastard and give some hawkeye fan a Gophers shirt.

Maybe it’s only satisfying to me but that’s what I was planning.

Anyway in recent years it seems as though family get togethers are just a pain in the ass because it only seems as if half the cousins (like 6 of 12) make it and even those cousins stay for a couple hours. Me and my bro are pretty much the only ones that stay for the whole duration and we don’t even want to be there.

At least last year I found out one of my oldest cousins was a huge Cubs fan so I could sidle up to him and talk some hardcore baseball. This year I can’t wait to hear his thoughts on Jacque Jones because he’ll probably wonder why the Twins let go of him…damn, if only there were more relatives that liked baseball.

Anyway these things are never as bad as they seem so maybe the’ll be some delicious banana bread I can put in my belly or I can steal my mom’s bucket of cookies.

Then it’ll be good times.

-My bro is selling Copper Roses. Check them out and make a bid.

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