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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Not the Penny Arcade!

Life is bigger
Its bigger than you
And you are not me
The lengths that I will go to
The distance in your eyes

-Steph told me the bad news yesterday. I have learned that the penny arcade at the Minnesota State Fair is no more. Truly this has been my biggest loss in my life for the penny arcade is the one building that was the epicenter of fun from my childhood.

How could they get rid of the penny arcade?! For what reason does one think, “ah that penny arcade on Dan Patch ave needs to go”? Who could be so cruel?

I think every year my parents too me to the fair the sentence “I’ll be at the arcade” was muttered at least four times a day.

I’ll always remember how there was one dude every year that would play the same song over and over again. One year it was that Patty Smyth/Don Henley song and another year Aerosmith’s Ragdoll was constantly being pumped throughout the day.

The penny arcade has been there since 1643 (I think) and it was so special because it had old school games like that game where you are in a jet and you move around shooting other jets while collecting items…god I love that game.

Of course my favorite memory is when my dad took me and my bro to the race at the grandstand when he was trying to get us hooked on NASCAR. I told him I had to go to the bathroom and 4 hours later without returning he found me in the penny arcade. He ripped me a new one in front of thousands of people. Oh memories.

-Lets say Jason Kubel hit a ground ball to…say Madison, Wisconsin, my grandma could pick up the baseball and throw it in the general vicinity of Minneapolis and still throw out Kubel at first base.

-I was reading up on the new Minneapolis library and it sounds like the sweetest library in the history of the world. The architecture of the place is really cool and I also could walk around with my laptop and surf the net since it has wifi everywhere.

Hell in a couple years I could walk all around Minneapolis and get WiFi everywhere with what they want to do. It sounds like all of Minneapolis will be hooked up for wireless and for $20 a month no less. That should be enough to make Comcast cry.

-A warning to everyone that plays around with On-Demand at night, don’t watch the history of pizza. Do not watch this because it is basically porn. After watching this I found out that deep dish pizza is about as Italian as bratwurst since some dude from Texas came up with the idea. I also found out that I really don’t give a damn since deep dish pizza is the absolute bomb and if you wanted to torture me just eat some deep dish pizza right in front of me. If that were to happen I would probably break free of my chains, lock myself in the bathroom with the pizza, and eat it. I’d be the Jack Bauer of pizza lovers.

As I was watching this show I was watching all this old advertising of pizza with the melted cheese all strung out and the grease bubbles bubbling up. It had to get pizza the next day…and I wasn’t even that hungry.

So don’t watch this program unless you have pizza right in front of you.

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