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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Overcast Pub

So I call up my preacher
I say: gimme strenght for round 5
He said: you dont need no strength, you need to grow up, son
I said: growing up leads to growing old and then to dying,
And dying to me dont sound like all that much fun

“I’m going to take DeAngelo Williams” said whomever drafted right before me.

I really wanted Williams and I was salivating as my pick was approaching. When he was taken I felt kinda pissed…from the inside. It was at that point I had a revelation and found myself projecting my irritation onto an event that had nothing but good times to be had. Like I said before, I like good times.

Projection is a pretty wierd thing because it's completely subconscience and you could be eating fries and find a green one and be like, "God! Shit! What the hell!?" when it's just the obligatory green fry.

Honestly, I’m kind of frustrated (not right NOW now…I just found out that beef jerky was healthy food so again, like the wireless internet, I’m kinda stoked). I think I’m at the point in the personal cycle where I’m finding that things could be better and doing the whole grass is greener thing. Basically everything I’m looking at seems to be towards the negative and not in that scary “everything-sucks”way--It’s like the evaluation day where ‘there is no such thing as perfection and we gotta find some way to prevent this guy from receiving a raise’ kinda thing. I’m weighing my options.

I guess things could be worse too because I could be stuck watching the Packers right now or having to withstand a wedding involving someone I don’t really care about. Those would be much worse things to deal with I’m sure.

I think what I need is some sort of a place where people can bitch and then laugh at less privileged people and not have to worry about the bad karma from the laughing. A place full of stress balls and those little hutch footballs that you can throw about three miles. Then with that hutch get a game of tackle going against a bunch of racist loudmouths and pound their teeth in.

Of course there would be drinks served afterwards which means that I would have to open a bar for this purpose.

I would call this bar…the…Kick Your Motherfuckin Ass Pub
No wait…Overcast Pub

Hmmmm yeah (PATENT PENDING) that’s a pretty good name for my bar. It will be like cheers and I’ll be the Sam Malone guy. HDTV’s all around with HD service. For Sundays I’ll have a huge wall with like 300 HDTV’s and all with a different game on so everyone can watch every game at the same time. It will be ADD paradise. Then for the volume we’ll have one circular switch with 300 stops so you can listen to any TV you want.

All food will be doused in gravy as well.

That’s awesome.


Aliecat said...

Gravy on everything? Ish...unless, of course, you had gravy wait, that's kinda gross too...

BiggPappa said...

Gravy makes everything better, this is the truth. I recommend, based on prior experience, a fine turkey gravy for said gravy wrestling application.