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Monday, August 21, 2006

Scheduling Crap

And when you lose control
you'll reap the harvest you have sown
And as the fear grows
the bad blood slows and turns to stone

Crap List

1. Parking at the dome
I went to the game on Saturday--apparently everyone else did too--and I have my own parking spot that I prefer over all the other lots. The place is easy to get into and out of, it’s cheap, and it’s away from the commotion. It’s far, far away but I don’t mind walking. Since Minneapolis increased the price of their meters, I’ve found that it’s cheaper to find the cheap lot and park.

Earlier in the year this lot was $3--ultra cheap. About a month ago this same lot was $5. Last year at this time when the Twins weren’t in any kind of race I’m sure you could park there and just receive a slap on the wrist and not have to pay a thing.

Saturday this lot was $10 and as a rule of thumb, I’m not going to pay $10 to park at a Twins game especially at my own blue collar, out-in-the-boonies parking lot and especially when I know where there are meters that only charge a quarter an hour (if you arrive early enough).

I guess that’s what you can expect when 135K fans arrive in a three day stretch (good lord).

2. Scheduling
Speaking of the Twins I have to point out a future train wreak on their schedule.

For those who crave train wreaks like I do, this is going to be huge, epic, a major screw up of all screw ups. Hell, it already is.

Circle September 30th on your calendar and prepare for the backlash of backlashes.

September 30th is the day that the Twins play their 2nd to last day against the current wild card leading White Sox at the Metrodome. This game will be the pivotal game of this series and it’s very likely that this will be one of the biggest games of the year. Hell, they’ll probably lift the curtain in center field just to add more seats. This game will be important for the playoffs.

September 30th is also the day where the U of M Golden Gophers play the Michigan Wolverines…also at the Metrodome which is always a good game…well, kinda sorta.

Twins Vs. White Sox at 11:10am
Michigan Vs. Gophers at 7:00pm


Not only do they have to convert the field from baseball to football
Not only are both games going to be nationally televised…probably anyway
Not only are both games huge, HUGE games
But they also, between games have to convert the field.

For me being one that plans work, trips, and schedules this is one of the most boneheaded , idiotic planning blunders I can imagine.

Before this season started I could tell you that any White Sox Vs. Twins game in September is going to be huge but the last series of the year?

Ok imagine this,
Twins and White Sox are one game apart in the standings, in the wild card race, and this 2nd game of the series will give momentum to both teams.

Santana Vs. Contreras and the game is tied into extra innings. Ozzie Guillen and Gardy are involved in an epic chess match. Every runner on base makes for excruciating problems for the opposing team. Runners at 2nd and 3rd with two out and Justin Morneau is at the plate.

3pm ticks and the Metrodome facilities people start calling the game because they have to start setting up the field for the football game to follow. Game momentarily ends in a tie, fans (about 50,000) are forced to go home not seeing any team win, and the game ends up being replayed the next day.

What the hell were they thinking?!? Why couldn’t the Gophers play Lakeland Dental Academy again and just give them the hand? They can’t be that stupid to schedule these two games on the same day in the same venue can they?

Imagine the media backlash, imagine the mlb backlash, imagine any one of those 50,000 fans!

Of course perhaps the baseball games takes 2 hours and then everything goes according to plan and nothing goes wrong. I hope not! haha

September 30, mark it on your calendars!

3. Booing AJ
I just don't understand it. Why is everying booing AJ? He didn't say anything wrong, he never willingly left the team, and he was huge for turning the franchise around.

Still everyone boos him because....who knows why.

If the Twins hadn't got rid of AJ then there would be no Boof, no Joe Nathan, no F-bomb, and Joe Mauer certainly wouldn't have had the opportunity he had.

If anything people should cheer, cheer like they have never cheered before because AJ is as responsible for this team as anyone.

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