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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Twins Stuff

There was a band playing in my head
And I felt like getting high.
I was thinking about what a friend had said
I was hoping it was a lie.

(CC: Hannes) So uh, remember when I told you in March to draft Francisco Liriano as a garbage pick?

Well uh, you may want to think about dropping him. :[

And picking up Matt Garza instead :]

It was last year at this time when the hardcore Twins fans focused as much time toward the Rochester Redwings as they did the Twins. This was when Liriano was dominating--no, a man playing a boys game--in AAA. The Twins kept him in AAA, I think, just because they knew he was going to be huge and they wanted to delay another year of arbitration. Twins couldn’t make any trades because all the other teams requested any potential trade with Liriano or they didn’t trade with the Twins. It was like having a lottery ticket waiting for approval.

That’s the kind of prospect that rarely comes around.

Twins had it again this year with Matt Garza. Garza started out this baseball season in A ball then dominated. It was like putting Stephen Hawking in kindergarten. Twins then put him in AA and again, he dominated, AAA and he continued to blow away hitters. He even threw 120 pitches in one game (how a coach let that happen I will never know) and he still threw in the high 90’s! The Twins tried to keep this phenom down in AAA as much as they could while a revolving door of Scott Baker, Boof Bonser (say it aint so boof), and Mike Smith (where the hell did this guy come from? Send him back, please) tried to give the Twins good intentions with the back of their rotation. Again, the Twins couldn’t make any trades because everyone wanted Matt Garza.

Put it too ya this way, Joe Mauer spent two years in the minors and he was the number one pick of the 2001 draft. In the minor’s Garza had a WHIP (walks and hits/ per innings pitched) of .88. (Santana had the best WHIP last year of .97--trust me, it’s a phenomenal stat). Granted it’s minor league numbers but good god, it’s like playing a video game with Garza on the mound.

Barry Metropolis even put up a comparison between Liriano and Garza with their minor league stats.

Garza has proven to be better. (Ok, chills should be going up your back now)

-The White Sox have a terrible schedule by playing Detroit, a couple games against KC (who swept Boston), Twins, Detroit, Twins. That’s a tough two weeks.

-Damn, just think if the Twins had a rotation of Santana, Radke, Liriano, Silva, Garza (if he pans out). Holy damn crap!

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Hannes said...

I have been following this situation closely. My fantasy team's life is tied to Liriano's arm. I am hoping to pick up this Garza fellow when he becomes available in the pool. When the words Twins and dominating prospect are used in the same sentence, it seems to work out. The same can't be said of Seattle though who seem to have an endless supply of one year wonders; garcia, soriano, piniero, hernandez. Thanks Boof.